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Should You Take CBD When Having an Upset Stomach?

Posted by David on

All of us experience an upset stomach from time to time, often seemingly for no apparent reason. What starts off as a funny feeling can quickly evolve into a pain so debilitating that even talking is uncomfortable. There are many reasons why a person may end up with an upset stomach, ranging from dietary issues to more serious underlying conditions.

We know that there are lots of things we consume daily that can actually make the pain worse, as we’ll now take a closer look at whether or not CBD is one of them.

Frequent Reasons for an Upset Stomach

Most of the time, what we call an upset stomach is actually discomfort in the intestines. The stomach can also experience pain caused to issues like acid reflux and gastritis, but it’s far more common to feel pain in the lower digestive tract as the intestines put their effort into breaking down and metabolizing food.

Let’s go over the most common reasons why a person may experience an upset stomach.

Reason #1: Trapped Gas

We all know what gas pain feels like. Usually accompanied by bloating and a feeling of heaviness, gas pain can cause anything from a dull ache to a sharp and debilitating pain that leaves us basically immobilized. As food breaks down in the gut, bubbles of gas can become stuck and push against the walls of the intestines.

Reason #2: Inflammatory Conditions

There are some inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract that can cause recurring intestinal pain, like inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS). These conditions involve chronic inflammation of the intestines, making them become painful on a frequent basis, and most commonly after eating.

Reason #3: Psychological Stress

Yes, stress can cause an upset stomach. A lot of us know the feeling of having butterflies in our stomach, as the body’s stress response has a direct impact on our digestive process. Serious stress can lead to various digestive issues, and a chronic upset stomach is especially common in people who suffer from anxiety.

Reason #4: Allergic Reactions

Many of us have an allergy or an intolerance to a particular type of food, and do not even know it. You may find that you get an upset stomach whenever you eat dairy, gluten or another common allergen.

Ways to Calm an Upset Stomach

The good news is that there are many different ways to ease an upset stomach. While an upset stomach does resolve itself on its own, it’s natural that people want to find the fastest-acting form of relief possible. Many find that sipping peppermint or chamomile tea helps, as it eases the digestive tract so that food and gas can pass through more efficiently. Others find that over-the-counter digestive aids help by breaking up gas bubbles and soothing the intestines.

Those who have a chronic digestive condition may require prescription drugs to deal with the frequent bouts of pain. It is important that if you frequently have an upset stomach, or if the pain is often debilitating, that you seek medical attention. In rare cases, this can indicate a more serious issue pertaining to the digestive tract which needs to be treated by a medical professional.

Is CBD a Good Option for Anyone Dealing with an Upset Stomach?

Understandably, when you have an upset stomach, you don’t want to do anything that can make it worse. Therefore, we get why people wonder whether or not they should take their daily dose of hemp if they’re dealing with this type of pain. Good news is that CBD is not associated with digestive discomfort, and therefore should not make your pain even worse than it already is.

Of course, CBD comes in various forms, and can be blended with any number of ingredients. Edibles that are high in sugar could potentially cause more pain, not because of the cannabidiol itself but because of the other ingredients in the formula. Therefore, if you have an upset stomach, consider using something that isn’t an edible.

Why CBD May Be a Good Option When Dealing with an Upset Stomach

CBD is unlikely to make an upset stomach worse, and in fact, it may be a great option if you are dealing with this type of pain. Research has even shown that the calming properties of hemp may actually ease an upset stomach. Plus, we have seen in various studies that cannabidiol could potentially reduce inflammation of the intestines for those who suffer from conditions like IBS.

CBD is also a natural antispasmodic, and antispasmodics are known for helping with gas pain by putting the digestive tract at ease so that gas can pass through smoothly and easily. Therefore, if you are struggling with gas pain, you may find that a dose of CBD calms things down.

If you’re going to use CBD specifically for an upset stomach, we recommend trying a capsule or a tincture. This allows the CBD to make direct contact with the digestive tract, without introducing other ingredients that the intestines have to process, potentially leading to more pain. If upset stomach problems are something that you experience frequently, talk to your doctor before trying to manage them with cannabidiol, as they are qualified to help you come up with a routine personalized according to your specific symptoms, medical history, and current medications.

Final Thoughts

CBD is a gentle, natural compound from the hemp plant, which has been found to offer unique calming effects to the body and mind. Therefore, there really is no reason to skip your daily dose of hemp because you’re struggling with an upset stomach. In fact, there is good reason to believe that CBD could actually be a positive natural product (taken in the proper form/delivery method) to turn to when experiencing this type of pain.

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