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Should You Move Dry Herbs That are in a Vaporizer’s Chamber to an Herbal Pipe?

Posted by David on

Most of us have our preferred method for enjoying our herb, but sometimes, things change. It’s not uncommon for someone to wish to move their herb from one device from another, either because one device suddenly stops working, or because they’ve realized that another device is better suited for that particular product.

But what about moving your herb from a vaporizer to a pipe? Well, we’ll be answering that question thoroughly, because as you’ll see, it’s a bit more complex than one would think.

The Answer: It Depends

While it’s safe to transport your herb between various devices and materials, that doesn’t always mean that doing so will yield a satisfying experience. Allow us to elaborate.

How Much You Vaporized Your Herb

The first thing to consider is how much you were vaporizing your herb before switching it. See, each time we hit our vaporizer, we’re using the magic of vapor to extract the compounds out of the herb material. So, after a while, there’s not much of those desirable compounds left. Therefore, transporting the herb to a pipe after vaping it for a bit can mean you’re not really getting much of what you want out of the herb.

Temperature at Which You Were Vaping

Another thing to pay attention to is the temperature at which you were vaping your herb before moving it to a pipe. Higher temperatures can draw more out of the herb, which means that by the time you transport it, it’s no longer rich in desirable compounds. Further, temperatures that are too high can burn your herb, ruining not just its flavor but its chemical composition as well.

Why You’re Moving It in the First Place

Also, ask yourself why you’re moving it to begin with. Is it because it started tasting burnt? If so, moving it to a pipe might not fix the issue. This is also the case with herb that’s too wet or dry to be vaporized properly. Alternatively, if you’re moving your herb to a pipe because you realized your device isn’t really bringing out the best quality in your herb, you may find that doing so actually enhances your ability to enjoy the product.

Experience that Herb in Two Different Ways

Technically, you can move your herb between different devices, regardless of what types of devices those may be. It’s not like your herb is going to kill you if you take it out of your vaping device and move it into a pipe. But as you can see, certain circumstances could end up taking away from your overall experience. Use this guide to go about it in the right way for the best results.

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