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Rustic Woodburned Dugout w/ One-Hitter Review

Posted by David on

A one-hitter can prove to be an incredibly useful type of piece, especially if you’re a dry herb user who’s always on the go. Portable, user-friendly, low-maintenance, and discreet, it offers a quick and easy way to get a couple of hits virtually anywhere. If you’ve been thinking about adding a one-hitter to your collection, it’s time to check out the Rustic Woodburned Dugout w/ One-Hitter, a unique type of setup that covers all of your bases.

Aesthetics and Construction

Before we dive into the features, we want to cover the basics when it comes to its construction and overall design. This is a classic design that has been around for ages, given a nice aesthetic boost. The wooden dugout is the main structure, with two compartments and a swivel top fastened by a screw, to keep the contents secure, yet easy to access quickly.

he dugout compartment is where you store your ground up buds, and the hole is large enough to fit a few sessions’ worth of flower, while being easy to load. The other compartment is where you’ll find the metal one-hitter, and the one-hitter itself is incredibly simple in its design, being a cigarette-style device.

Overall, the design is super clever, and we love the wood-burned aesthetic that makes it really beautiful to look at. It’s also really sturdy, and its slim, compact size means that you can take it with you anywhere, as it’ll easily slide into your pocket discreetly throughout the day.

Specs and Features

There aren’t any real “special” features involved in this setup, nor should there be. This traditional dugout/one-hitter kit is meant to be extremely rustic and simple, without any bells or whistles. To use it, you just dip the end of the one-hitter into the stash inside the dugout, light it, and take in a few hits.

Ease of Use

The big advantage of this kind of setup is that it’s very easy to use, and extremely easy to travel with, once again. And, this model in particular lives up to all of that, as you don’t need to deal with a complicated device or precise loading into a bowl. Just stick the one-hitter into the dugout containing the flower, and you’re ready to enjoy a couple of nice, big hits.

Overall Performance

The one-hitter performs precisely how it’s supposed to, with the straight airflow channel providing the perfect hit time and time again. The bottom of the one-hitter is designed in a way that makes it very easy to load, when you dip it into the dugout portion.

Grab This Dugout and One-Hitter Combo to Make Your Smoking Life Easier

Just about all of us could benefit from having such a quick and easy, portable setup for those times when we want a quick fix without much work at all. Fortunately, the Rustic Woodburned Dugout w/ One-Hitter covers all of your bases while working perfectly well so that you can smoke anytime, anywhere.

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