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Rising Sun Wooden Dugout w/ One-Hitter Review

Posted by David on

Looking for a more portable, user-friendly way to enjoy some dry herb? If so, it’s time to explore the world of one-hitters. The name is pretty self-explanatory, but for those who don’t know, one-hitters are single-serving pieces that offer a straight airflow channel for quick, direct hits of smoke. They’re small enough to fit in a pocket, they’re very discreet, and super low-maintenance. Today, we’re going to be looking at one product in particular: the Rising Sun Dugout w/ One-Hitter.

Aesthetics and Construction

First of all, we gotta talk about the design of the device, as well as how it’s constructed. This is a two-piece setup, consisting of a dugout and one-hitter. The dugout is where you contain your stash of ground up buds, and the other compartment is where the one-hitter stays when not in use. A swiveled top keeps everything where it belongs, with a simple screw holding it together.

The dugout structure is constructed from wood, and it features a gorgeous sunburst pattern that gives it an artisanal aesthetic. The one-hitter, meanwhile, is metal. The overall design is visually beautiful, and the construction is nice and durable. It’s also a very pocket-friendly setup, which really comes in handy.

Specs and Features

Now, the whole concept behind this type of smoking setup is that it’s as simple and rustic as they come. So, there won’t be loads of features and exciting specs, nor should there be. It does its job of enabling a couple of hits at a time, done by dipping the end of the one-hitter into the stash inside of the dugout, lighting it up, and enjoying a couple of hits. There are no “special features,” as the one-hitter itself is the simplest type of pipe design that exists.

Ease of Use

The big advantage of this kind of setup is that it’s very easy to use, and extremely easy to travel with, once again. And, this model in particular lives up to all of that, as you don’t need to deal with a complicated device or precise loading into a bowl. Just stick the one-hitter into the dugout containing the flower, and you’re ready to enjoy a couple of nice, big hits.

Overall Performance

In general, this dugout/one-hitter setup does what it’s supposed to do: provide an easy-access, all-in-one kit for traveling with your beloved herb and piece, requiring minimal effort and maximum discretion. In that regard, the one-hitter performs beautifully, providing a straight-channel airflow system for direct, heavy hits time and time again, while the dugout is easy to load, and totally secure while you’re in transit.

Enjoy the Most Convenient Smoking Setup Yet

If you’re looking to invest in a more travel-friendly, effortless type of smoking setup, we’ve got you covered at The Vape Mall with the Rising Sun Wooden Dugout w/ One-Hitter, which offers a beautiful visual design while providing you with everything you need for one successful smoking session after another. Grab it today!

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