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Quick Tips to Avoid Tearing Rolling Papers

Posted by David on

Whether you’re totally new to rolling or you’re a highly experienced herb enthusiast, you know that once in a while, you’re going to tear a paper. After all, paper is extremely thin, and the act of rolling can stretch that paper beyond repair.

Ways to Avoid It from Happening

Good news is, there are some easy ways that will help you avoid tearing. Even though a torn roll isn’t the end of the world, it’s still annoying, as you have to start over from scratch. These methods should minimize the risk as much as possible.

Tip #1: Take Your Time

The first tip that you should employ is that of taking your time. A lot of people rush through the process of rolling, and it’s not one that is meant to be performed with maximum speed. The faster you go, the less careful you’ll be, and the more likely you are to rip the paper.

Tip #2: Don’t Let the Papers Dry Out

It’s important to store your papers properly so that they don’t become extremely dehydrated. Leave them in a cool and dark place that’s away from heating and cooling vents, as well as bright lights and extreme heat sources.

Tip #3: Use Fresh Papers Only

Also, bear in mind that after a while, papers may start to dry out on their own due to their aging process. If you found some papers that are several years old, give them a tug test to see how much they can withstand pulling. If they tear easily, they’re no longer good, and you’ll have to go grab yourself some new ones.

Tip #4: Don’t Overstuff

One of the leading reasons for torn papers is overstuffing them. We understand – you wanna get as much herb as you possibly can, and so you fill your papers to the max. But those papers have a certain point in which they can no longer contain the herb, and eventually and inevitably, they will tear. Try using less than you usually do if this is an issue that happens to you regularly.

Tip #5: Watch Those Nails

Believe it or not, it’s not at all uncommon for one’s fingernails to actually cause a tear. While we’re rolling, it’s easy for a nail to graze the paper, which is so thin that it could easily result in a full-on rip of the paper. Watch those nails, and even better, keep them as short and smooth as possible.

Tip #6: Moisten the Paper Beforehand

It’s a good idea to lick the edge of the paper beforehand. This way, the edge will act as an adhesive, and you’ll be less tempted to stretch it too far to make it stick.

Tip #7: Only Buy Quality Papers

Believe it or not, quite often, the problem is the actual paper material and not you. A lot of low-quality papers exist on the market that are prone to tearing, either because they are too thin, they are treated with ingredients that dry out the paper or they are low in quality overall.

A Final Note

Bear in mind that if you’re totally new to rolling, you’re going to likely make mistakes for a while before you get the hang of it. So, follow these tips and don’t beat yourself up if you tear your paper once in a while – it’s a learning process, and before long, you’ll be rolling like a pro.

Stop Waste Rolling Paper!

Rolling papers are designed to handle the needs of herb enthusiasts, but that doesn’t mean that tears don’t happen from time to time. Use these tips to ensure as low a chance of tearing your paper as possible in order to experience your favorite dry herbs.

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