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Quick Step-by-Step Guide to Using the SMOK Novo 4 800mAh Kit

Posted by David on

SMOK’s Novo series has dazzled pod-based vape enthusiasts with some of the most exciting technology to date. With its generous 5-25 watt range, adjustable airflow and OLED display screen-based navigation system, it’s easily one of the most advanced pod systems on the market, yet it’s very easy to use, pocket-friendly and attractive to boot. Combining its powers with those of the SMOK LP1 Coil Series, vapers are in for absolutely stunning flavor, satisfying clouds and the ability to seamlessly switch between salt-based nicotine and freebase nicotine.

Using the SMOK Novo 4: A Tutorial

Of course, if this is going to be our first time using the Novo 4, you might need a little bit of help setting it up and using it for the first-time.

Step #1: First, remove the contents of the Novo 4 from its box, leaving the user manual nearby in case you need to refer to it at any point.

Step #2: Now, you’ll need to charge your Novo 4. Find the charging cable and plug it into the type-C charging port of your device, and plug it into a power source. Allow your device to reach a full charge by checking the battery life on the display screen.

Step #3: While the device is charging, grab the Novo 4 pod and install the LP1 Coil (installed by simply pressing it into place). Then, fill it with vape juice, by locating the side fill port. Allow the pod to sit filled with vape juice for 5 minutes before vaping, to allow the coil to be totally primed.

Step #4: Now, attach the pod to your freshly charged device (it attaches magnetically). Turn on the device and adjust your wattage using the display screen and navigation buttons.

Final Step: At last, you can take a puff of vapor through the mouthpiece. The device is draw-activated, so there’s no need to press any buttons. If desired, adjust the airflow switch to accommodate the type of e-liquid that you’re vaping.

As you can see, SMOK’s Novo 4 800mAh Kit is an advanced and versatile vaping system that is perfect for beginners. But even so, you might need a little help getting started. Now that you know the steps involved, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying all that this awesome kit has to offer.

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