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Not All Rolling Papers are Created Equally

Posted by David on

More hemp users are discovering the wonder that is CBD flower, and they’re not looking back. CBD flower is simply the flower of the female hemp plant, which is where that wonderful variety of desirable compounds is located. It’s becoming so desirable because it’s a purer form of hemp, and it comes in a wide variety of strains, which allows users to customize their experience like never before.

The easiest and most practical way to enjoy CBD flower is to smoke it, which allows for super fast activation that is felt fairly potently compared to other delivery methods. And, there are primarily two ways to smoke it: through a pipe or vaporizer device, and rolled up in rolling papers.

But, not all rolling papers are created equally. If this is the route you want to take, allow us to explain the different ways in which rolling papers differ.

What is Rolling Paper?

Rolling paper is simply a sheet of paper that has a primary purpose of allowing you to smoke CBD flower. The CBD flower is placed in the center of the paper, and the paper is rolled up. Rolling papers must be slow-burning, which is why you cannot use other types of paper that are not created for this purpose.

Ways in Which Rolling Papers Differ from Each Other

These five factors can have various effects:

#1: Size

Rolling papers can definitely differ in size. This comes down to personal preference. Some people wish to consume a higher quantity of CBD flower, and so larger papers allow them to do just that.

#2: Shape

Some rolling papers are rectangular, while others are square. Other shapes exist as well, but they are less popular. Ultimately, there’s no real advantage of one over the others, as it comes down to personal preference.

#3: Material

The material makes a big difference in terms of quality and burning rate. Wood pulp is the most popular, as it burns slowly and is easy to work with. There’s also rice paper, which is quickly growing in popularity due to how eco-friendly it is, as well as the fact that some believe it’s easier on the body.

#4: Color

Generally, there are two colors that rolling papers come in: white and brown. White rolling papers have been bleached, while brown ones have not. That’s the only difference.

#5: Flavor

Most rolling papers are unflavored, but some companies do infuse theirs with flavor to add to the sensory experience of smoking CBD flower. If you’re going to go the flavored route, know that some flavoring ingredients are better for you, and higher in quality than others. So, be discerning.

Keep On Rolling that Paper

If you wish to purchase rolling papers for CBD flower-related purposes, it’s important to know how they can differ from each other. Use this guide to have an understanding if what to look for when shopping for rolling papers. Before long, you’ll be able to enjoy CBD flower in all of its glory.

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