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Most Frequent Box Mod User Errors You Should Know and How to Fix Them

Posted by David on

Any experienced vaper knows that no matter how careful they are when it comes to purchasing the best hardware and maintaining their setup, errors happen. Even the most experienced vapers can feel absolutely bewildered when certain error messages appear on their display screen. After all, vaping is pretty advanced technology, and while advanced technology can satisfy our needs more efficiently, it can also fail us in a wider variety of ways than technology that’s simpler in nature.

So, we’re gonna be focusing on the most common error messages that can appear on a mod’s display screen, plus tell you how to correct these errors. That way, you can then resume vaping, and do so in a way that’s completely safe.

A Quick Word on Safety and Vaping Devices

Vapers may feel alarmed when a device shows an error message, because they feel that if they continue vaping, their device may explode or, at the very least, break. This is understandable, because we know that any electronic device can be dangerous if it’s used improperly.

However, keep in mind that standard vaping devices are equipped with safety features that are carefully designed in order to protect both you and your device from harm. So, rest assured that your error message is actually there because it’s protecting you from doing damage. Essentially, that error message represents the fact that your device is designed to power off when something is wrong.

Still, when there is an error message, you absolutely must correct the error before you attempt to resume vaping. Trying to force a device to work in spite of an error message by manipulating its mechanisms puts you at risk of harm.

Error #1: Overheating

If a device is overheating, your mod’s display screen may read “overheating” or “too hot”. Obviously, these mean the same thing. Devices can overheat because they contain a mechanism that determines the maximum temperature that they can reach internally. When that temperature is met, the device shuts itself off.

Devices can overheat for a couple of reasons. A common one is vaping too quickly. After each puff, your device needs a second to cool down. Otherwise, it can sustain high temperatures, and that’s dangerous for the hardware. Another common reason is that you left your device in the hot sun for a long period of time.

How to Fix It

Simply take a break from using your device, and make sure that it’s stored in a dark, cool place until you’re ready to use it again.

Error #2: Check Battery

This error message means that your battery’s voltage is not enough to properly power the device. This can happen for a host of reasons, and most often it has to do with the battery itself. Sometimes, however, it can be caused by a compromised battery connection on the device’s end, either being dirty or being too distant from the battery.

How to Fix It

First, clean your battery connections, both on the batteries and your device. If that doesn’t work, try out a new pair of batteries.

Error #3: Temperature Protection

This only occurs when you’re using TC mode. Basically, it means that your coil has reached the maximum temperature that you have set for your device.

How to Fix It

This fix is rather simple. Just increase your temperature setting so that your coil won’t match your maximum output level.

Error #4: Check USB

This occurs when a device is being charged via a USB charger. It means that the charger voltage is higher than the voltage of your device. This message will only appear while your device is charging, usually immediately upon inserting the charging cable into your mod.

How to Fix It

Obviously, you have no choice but to utilize a different USB charger. Make sure that its voltage is lower than that of your device.

Error #5: Atomizer Low

This error message will show on your display screen when the resistance level of the coil that you’re trying to vape with is too low for the mod you’re using. Every mod has its own resistance level range, and so using a coil that has a resistance level lower than the minimum of that range simply won’t work.

How to Fix It

You will need to install a new coil with a higher resistance level. Choose one by checking to see the resistance level range of your mod.

Error #6: Atomizer Short

This occurs when there’s a short circuit via your atomizer. When there’s a short circuit, too high of a current is flowing through the circuit of the atomizer.

How to Fix It

First, check to make sure that the connection between the atomizer and your device is clean, and that the atomizer is secured properly to your mod. Many times, simply removing and reinserting the atomizer into the mod is all that you need to do.

Error #7: No Atomizer or Check Atomizer

This error message occurs when the device does not detect an atomizer attached to it. It can be due to a loose connection or a loose coil. It often happens when you use an incompatible atomizer with your device.

How to Fix It

Ensure that your atomizer is securely attached to your mod. Then, make sure that the coil is firmly installed into your atomizer. Also, make sure that you are using an atomizer and coil design that are compatible with the mod that you’re using.

Don’t Let a Mod Error Stop You From Getting Your Vape On!

Sure, mod errors can be alarming and frustrating. But, there’s always a reason for them, and knowing how to fix them will ensure that they don’t happen anymore, as long as your device is in good shape and properly maintained. The next time an error message appears on your device’s display screen, refer to this guide in order to do what’s necessary to resolve the issue.

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