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Learn to DIY ejuice

Posted by Janice on

Making you own ejuice can be a great way to save money and try out new flavors. Aside from saving a lot of money by making your own ejuice you calso are able to try out hundreds of different flavor combinations by mixing your own flavors. Below we will give you some basic instructions for getting started with making your own DIY eluiquid. 

For making your own juice you will need a few basic components with links to where they can be found. 

-Flavorless Base - this is your nicotine at your chosen level already mixed in with the PG/VG at your chosen ratio and is the base for all ejuice. This is the easiest way to getting stated making your own ejuice. It takes all the work out of know what ratio of nicotine, pg, vg to use. 

-Flavoring Concentrate - this is the pure flavoring that you add to your nicotine mixture to make it taste the way you want it.

-Empty bottles - you will need empty plastic bottles with dispensing tips to make your juice in.

-Syringes and needle tips - these are the best way to make sure your flavoring measurements are accurate.

-Sterile gloves - it is important to make sure you are keeping a clean work area when mixing your juice and sterile gloves are the most important part of that.

Once you have all your necessary components it takes a few simple steps to create your own delicious vape juice!

The ratio for flavoring to nicotine base is 15% flavoring and 85% base as a good starting point. You can up the flavoring amount but be careful as too much flavoring can burn out coils, darken juice, and crystallize. We recommend not exceeding 35% flavoring in any juice bottle.

The easiest way to get the appropriate milliliters of flavoring per bottle is the following equation:

ml of bottle x .15 (15% or chosen %) = ml of flavoring

Example: 200ml x .15 = 30ml of flavoring for a 200ml bottle of eliquid.

Once you know your flavoring measurement, you deposit the flavoring into your bottle using the pre-marked measurements on your syringes. You can then fill the bottle the rest of the way with your flavorless nicotine base. After it's full, close the bottle and shake, shake, shake.

The most important part of making your own ejuice is shake everything and remember that you can always add more but you can not take more out so adding a little at a  time is better than adding a lot at a time. If you do not shake your nicotine base and flavoring, settling can occur and your flavor/nicotine level will not be uniform throughout all your ejuice you make. Always make sure you are labeling your finished ejuice with your nicotine level and flavor so you can keep all your awesome ejuice organized and ready to vape!

Making your own ejuice is a fun, interactive way to continue your vaping journey and once you're more comfortable with the process you can mix different recipes and flavors.

And as always if you have any questions or need any  help feel free to email us at or We are also available by phone at 636-887-2326.

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