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Know the Rules When Flying with CBD

Posted by David on

At last, summer is right around the corner, meaning that most of us are beginning to look up flight prices so that we can plan fabulous vacations. However, before you start packing your bags to begin your journey, it’s important that you know the rules and regulations regarding taking CBD with you on a plane. As long as you play by the TSA’s rules, you should be able to get your CBD onto the flight.

You see, it’s really all about knowing how to respect the TSA’s policies so that you don’t raise any red flags. After all, that security process can be quite chaotic, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might seem suspicious despite the fact that you’re not doing anything illegal.

What are the Laws Regarding Flying with CBD?

Technically, CBD is illegal to travel with under federal law because it comes from cannabis, the same plant family that has given us marijuana, a psychoactive drug. Now, if you’re a CBD enthusiast, you know perfectly well, CBD that comes from the hemp plant is not psychoactive. However, rules are rules, and until the federal government makes the distinction between hemp and marijuana, you need to keep this one thing in mind.

However, many people successfully fly with CBD on a daily basis. So, obviously, it’s about knowing how to follow as many of the TSA’s guidelines as possible so that they don’t feel the need to confiscate your CBD product.

Here is what you’ll need to keep in mind:

Remember the TSA’s Main Priorities

Despite the federal law regarding CBD, you have to remember that the TSA isn’t really looking for illegal substances. Their main concern is the safety of other passengers, and as long as you’re not bringing anything onto a plane that could harm another person, they’ll likely let your hemp product slide. While they’re searching through your bags, they’re looking for weapons and the like. They really just don’t have time to sift through all of your bottles looking for drugs and cannabis products.

Keep Your Product in its Original Packaging

It’s best to keep your CBD product in the package that it came in so that your agent doesn’t have to ask you what it is. The package will clearly state that it’s a CBD product that does not contain psychoactive properties, meaning that your agent will be less likely to think that you’re trying to smuggle a drug onto a plane. Keep in mind that hemp smells nearly identical to marijuana, so your agent might not be able to tell the difference without seeing the product label.

If you can’t bring the entire package with you, at least label what the product is so that the agent doesn’t have to ask.

Follow the TSA’s Guidelines as Strictly as Possible

The TSA has very strict rules regarding how things may be packed and organized in your bag. By following all of the rules, they’ll be less likely to thoroughly go through your stuff. Remember the rules about packing liquids if you’re traveling with a CBD e-juice juice or an oral tincture.

Place it in Your Carry-On Luggage

Statistics show that carry-on luggage is subjected to less extensive searching than checked luggage. So, if you want to travel with your CBD without a hitch, stuff your product into the bag that you will be taking with you onto the plane.

Be Courteous

Don’t forget that being polite can go a long way. We all know that security lines can be extremely stressful, but if your behavior starts changing for the worse, the TSA agents might see that as suspicious and call for a thorough search through your luggage. Be kind, smile and say thank you. These things go a long way and promote a seamless security experience.

Bring Documentation

Documentation always helps if your TSA agent is concerned about your CBD product. Remember that not everyone knows what CBD is, nor does everyone realize that it’s not the same thing as marijuana. The lab results that come with a CBD product can prove to the agent that your product doesn’t contain enough THC to be a psychoactive substance.

And, if you’re taking CBD for medical reasons, strongly consider bringing a doctor’s note with you on the flight. Agents will likely be far more lenient if they realize that you’re taking a substance under the guidance of your doctor.

Keep in Mind that Every Airport and TSA Agent is Different

Don’t forget that every airport is different, and no two TSA agents have the same attitude about what’s acceptable and what isn’t. While the TSA’s guidelines and regulations are very strict, some agents are more lenient than others. Don’t assume that because your last agent let you slide with an open bottle of CBD vape juice, your next agent will do the same. Always assume that the agents will be holding you to every single rule so that you don’t do anything that makes them see you as suspicious.

Don’t Vape on the Plane!

Once you get through airport security, resist the temptation to vape a CBD oil. Vaping in general is not allowed on planes or in airports, and doing so can result in serious legal repercussions, not to mention getting you kicked off of your flight.

While vaping a CBD product is not permitted, other methods of administration can be done quite easily no matter where you are. For instance, if you have a bag of CBD gummies with you, there’s no reason why you can’t pop a few into your mouth before a flight. After all, flying can be quite stressful and those gummies might calm your nerves enough so that you can drift off to sleep before the plane even takes off.

Happy Travels Everyone

Flying with CBD doesn’t have to be stressful if you’re willing to follow the simple guidelines that the TSA has put into place.

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