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JustCBD Large Pet Treats 600mg Jar Review

Posted by David on

JustCBD has graced the hemp market with some of the most effective CBD formulas around, with a heavy focus on the therapeutic, nonintoxicating side of cannabis. And, to the benefit of our furry friends, the brand has crafted some exquisite pet products, including CBD-infused treats for dogs. Today, we want to take a closer look at one formula in particular: JustCBD’s Large Pet Treats 600mg, which come in a nice, big jar, and offer a variety of dog-friendly flavors, along with plenty of CBD for maximum relief.

Some Background on the Brand

First off, let’s get into JustCBD as a brand, and what makes them such a powerful force on the ever-expanding hemp market. The brand has been around for years, focusing on therapeutically minded formulas that are nonintoxicating by nature. They offer all kinds of useful formulas, from topicals to pet treats, and everything in between.

As for quality standards, the brand is as legit as they come. They’re GMP-certified, and also follow strict third-party-testing protocol for maximum safety and quality assurance. They pride themselves on using organic, locally sourced hemp, and focus on incorporating as many clean ingredients as possible into each and every formula they make. They have so much confidence in the efficacy of their products that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases through their website.

The CBD Itself

Now, JustCBD leaves some information to be desired about these treats. For one thing, their website doesn’t specify how many milligrams of CBD are in each treat. We know that the entire jar contains 600mg, but it doesn’t say how many treats are in each jar, so we can’t say what the serving size is. Besides that, it’s not clear whether these treats are infused with CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, or full spectrum CBD.

The Rest of the Formula

JustCBD is proud to use a 100% organic formula, and it’s grain-free as well, which is great as many dog owners choose to feed their furry friends a grain-free diet. Again, the website does not disclose the actual ingredients list, although each ingredient is listed on the actual product’s label, so if your canine has allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients, you can make sure that the product is safe for them once you have the jar in your hand.

Flavor and Texture

Let’s face it – dogs can be a picky bunch, and so it’s critical that if you’re going to start giving them CBD treats, you find a formula that appeals to their senses as much as possible. These treats have your standard crunchy texture that you’d expect from a dog biscuit, and in terms of flavor, you actually have a nice selection: chicken, chicken and rice, and peanut butter, all of which are almost universally appealing to all canines. Again, the formula is made with clean, organic ingredients, which means that the flavor is naturally derived, and tastes absolutely delicious. In fact, we’d guess that these 3 flavors were tested on dogs to ensure that they are as appealing as possible, since dogs that take these treats seem to find them irresistible in terms of how they smell and taste.

Ease of Use

It really doesn’t get easier than giving your dog a treat each day to ensure that they receive their daily serving of CBD. When it comes to administering it to canines, treats are far easier to get them to take than, say, a sublingual oil that is given to them under the tongue. And, of course, it’s convenient that this is a single-serving product, so you can just give them one treat and know that their daily hemp-related needs are covered.

Overall Results

Naturally, the most important thing to any dog-loving customer is how well the product works. First off, side effects haven’t really been reported with this product, which can put your mind at ease. We know that CBD is pretty much as safe for dogs as it is for humans, and that it can deliver the same profile of potential benefits – in fact, a growing number of studies are showing that cannabidiol can deliver meaningful benefits to canines in particular, promoting feelings of calm and ease in the mind and body.

So, with that being said, these treats are extremely popular among canine lovers, and many, many happy customers have reported noticeable benefits once they’ve started giving these treats to their dogs daily.

JustCBD Has Got the Ultimate Dog Treat Formula for Your Furry Companion!

If you’ve been wanting to start your dog on a CBD regimen for whatever reason, these treats are a great way to go about it. They’re delicious to canines, they contain clean, grain-free ingredients, and they offer enough CBD to provide meaningful results so that your dog can feel their very best. Grab them at the Vape Mall and see for yourself what they’re capable of when it comes to addressing the needs of your beloved pup.

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