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How to Troubleshoot a One-Hitter

Posted by David on

One-hitters are never going out of style. After all, what else offers more portability, discretion, convenience, and lack of maintenance? What all one-hitters share in common with one another is that they offer a super small structure with a straight airflow channel from the bowl to the mouthpiece, for direct hits. Your typical one-hitter enables 1-3 hits of smoke per bowl load, so that you can get in some satisfying puffs virtually anywhere on demand. Still, despite how simple they are by design, one-hitters can give you problems from time to time.

What are Most Common Issues You Can Run into with a One-Hitter – and How to Fix Them?

One-hitters typically have few issues. That’s because they are, once again, very simple in their design, offering a straight and small airflow channel with the bowl on one end, and the mouthpiece on the other. But, no smoking device is 100% immune to issues, so let’s go over the ones you might experience now.

Your One-Hitter is Clogged

Maybe the most common issue by far is a clog somewhere in the device’s airflow channel. Of course, this can cause a disruption in airflow, preventing any smoke from coming through and out of the mouthpiece. Because the channel is typically so narrow, it’s quite easy for a piece of debris, resin, or bits of flower to get stuck in there.

Luckily, the fix is pretty simple. First, try poking through the channel with a small object like a needle, a paper clip, or a hair pin. If that doesn’t dislodge what’s stuck inside, soak the whole one-hitter in a solution of water, coarse salt, and isopropyl alcohol, as this will break up any residue inside. In fact, you should be cleaning your one-hitter this way weekly or so, anyway.

The Smoke is Too Hot

One complaint we’ve heard about one-hitters is that the smoke is too hot, and it feels quite harsh when it’s inhaled into the lungs. Now, here’s the thing: that’s just the nature of one-hitters, and so you can’t really prevent the smoke from being potentially hotter and harsher than it is with other smoking devices. But, if it’s actually scorching you, that’s not normal either.

If the smoke is way too hot and harsh, it can be that you have a poorly constructed one-hitter, with the airflow design and materials simply being incompatible with a smooth smoking session.

You’re Getting Bits of Burnt Flower and Ash When You Inhale

If you’re getting flower and ash flying into your mouth when you pull on the mouthpiece, that’s not unusual – especially with an open, direct-airflow system like a one-hitter. Fortunately, there’s a very simple fix to this problem, so you don’t have to breathe in dirty ash, or pick flower bits out of your teeth.

You can buy small mesh screens that are inserted into the bowl, acting as a barrier between your bud and your air channel. This way, the smoke can get through the small mesh holes, but actual solid substances cannot. These mesh screens are pretty easy to find nowadays, and super inexpensive, while coming in packs containing several screens so you can switch them out once they get dirty.

Your Glass One-Hitter Has Shattered, Chipped, or Cracked

If you have a glass one-hitter (as opposed to one made from metal or silicone), it may get damaged at some time. If your glass one-hitter has chipped, shattered, or cracked, we recommend replacing it entirely. That’s because it can be dangerous, as tiny bits of glass end up getting into the airflow channel, which you don’t want to be inhaling. It may be tempting to remedy it with glue, but most types of glue contain toxins when they’re heated to high temperatures, which you do not want to be breathing in.

Your Dugout Lid Came Off

Finally, let’s talk about dugout/one-hitter setups, which consist of two parts: a dugout for your stash, and a one-hitter that’s concealed beneath the lid. If you’re using a dugout that has a swivel lid screwed on, like what we carry, then simply replace the screw if necessary, or tighten it back into place with a screwdriver.

One-Hitters are Simple to Use and Almost Always Simple to Fix

The good news about one-hitters is that while they can run into issues like any other type of device, they’re usually much easier to fix because they’re such basic designs. So, if you have any issues like the ones above, it’s unlikely you have to actually replace your one-hitter, aside from it being broken or constructed poorly. If you’re looking to purchase a one-hitter that’s reliable and durable, head on over to The Vape Mall.

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