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How to Prevent CBD E-Liquid from Recrystallizing

Posted by David on

A lot of people who are new to vaping CBD may be stunned when they notice that the vape oil inside their tank or cartridge is crystallizing. The common misconception is to believe that this somehow indicates a defective product, but that’s simply not the case. Still, the reality is that crystallized CBD e-liquid won’t vape properly, because in order for a e-juice to transfer into vapor through the heat of a coil, it must be a liquid, and those crystals convert the oil into a solid.

Why Does CBD E-Liquid Recrystallize?

CBD e-liquid doesn’t always recrystallize, as whether or not it does depends on the purity and potency of the vape oil, as well as the conditions to which it is exposed. Crystallization is simply the result of the CBD molecule separating from the concentrate, which yields a crystal-like appearance.

Essentially, if your CBD e-liquid is prone to crystallizing, this actually means that you have a high-quality product on your hands. For this to occur, the formula must contain at least 80% cannabidiol, and so crystallization indicates a superb purity level and potency level which will yield stronger effects that you’re seeking out. That being said, when you do have a crystallized CBD vape oil, you should not throw it out. It is not damaged in any way, and its compounds are still there to provide you with their effects if you’re willing to put just a little bit of effort into bringing it back to a liquid form.

Tips for Preventing Recrystallization

The best way to keep your CBD e-liquid from recrystallizing is to keep it at room temperature at all times. The fastest way for those crystals to form is to be exposed to cold temperatures, which can occur whether the liquid is left outdoors during the winter or kept in a space of the house that gets cold, such as nearby a drafty window.

Other than that, you really can’t prevent it completely. The purer and more potent your vape oil, the more likely it is to crystallize. Therefore, the real key is knowing the quick fixes to transfer those crystals back into a vape-friendly oil consistency.

How to Fix Recrystallized CBD E-Liquid

If your e-liquid has recrystallized, there are some simple things you can do to fix the issue so that you can go back to your vaping sessions quickly. None of these take a lot of effort and are absolutely worth the time as they mean that you won’t have wasted precious CBD e-liquid.

#1: Keep It Warm

First, if the crystallization is very minor, it can simply be a matter of placing the vape oil in a warmer area of the home, like an area near a heating vent, or a warm spot on the floor in the corner of your bedroom. We do not recommend a sunny window, as bright light can damage the compounds. Similarly, keeping it in your pocket may fix the issue as your body heat can bring the e-juice back to temperature.

#2: Apply Controlled Heat

Another option is to apply a controlled amount of heat to the vape oil. The most common way to do this is to hold a blow-dryer about a foot away from the vape oil, so that it warms up quickly without ever getting hot.

#3: Keep It in Warm Water

Alternatively, you can place the vape oil in an airtight, resealable plastic bag and submerge the bag in warm water. Make sure the water is not boiling hot, but warm to the touch. Leave it there until the appearance of crystals has disappeared.

What Not to Do

Finally, it’s important to cover the things that you should not do, as certain warming practices can actually be detrimental.

#1: Don’t Keep Trying to Vape Crystallized CBD E-Liquid

A big mistake is trying to continuously hit your vape when the crystallization is preventing vaporization. All that this will do is burn out your coil, as it needs to remain saturated with e-liquid in order to operate properly.

#2: Don’t Place it in the Microwave

Do not place a vape cartridge in the microwave, as the metal parts of the cartridge are not microwave-safe.

#3: Don’t Apply Direct Heat

Do not apply direct heat, such as a heat gun held against the vape oil, as this can cause the compounds to get too hot and burn, thus losing their properties.

Do Not Yet Toss Away That Crystallized CBD E-Liquid!

Vaping CBD is a very gratifying way to experience the properties the compound has to offer, and while this can come with the risk of crystallization, it’s worth it as this common issue actually indicates a superior product. The good news is that crystallization has many easy fixes that will allow you to enjoy that CBD again in no time.

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