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How to Potentially Treat a Hangover with CBD

Posted by David on

Oh, hangovers. It seems like the older we get, the less our bodies tolerate alcohol, and so the worse those hangovers become the next morning. Almost all of us are familiar with that enormous feeling of unwellness, and despite the prevalence of hangovers, it seems like legitimate cures are as common as unicorns.

However, it just might be possible to treat a hangover with CBD. While you may think that CBD is just a passing fad, research shows that this cannabinoid has the unique ability to benefit the body and mind by ensuring that the body can maintain homeostasis. So, how can you use CBD to treat a hangover? We’ll be getting to that shortly, but first let’s examine what a hangover is so that we can better understand why CBD might be able to help.

What Causes a Hangover, Anyway?

While alcohol is prevalent in our society and relatively harmless in small amounts, it is, at the end of the day, a toxic substance. This is because of ethanol, a toxic ingredient that naturally occurs in alcohol. When we consume a certain amount of ethanol, the body becomes extremely dehydrated because of the diuretic nature of the chemical, and it loses the electrolytes that help the body feel healthy and energized.

What’re the Symptoms of a Hangover?

Hangover symptoms vary from person to person, and their presence largely depends on the amount of alcohol that was consumed prior to the hangover.

Common symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Digestive upset
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Brain fog
  • General lack of motivation

Severe hangovers can result in:

  • Vomiting
  • Tremors
  • Fainting
  • Rapid heartbeat

Can CBD Help with a Hangover?

As it turns out, CBD might be capable of helping with a hangover in a few different ways. For one thing, CBD is naturally rich in nutrients that the body craves, especially when a hangover has taken effect. These nutrients include omega fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins that replenish the body when it’s lost too much of its crucial fluids.

More interestingly, perhaps, is the way in which CBD helps the body achieve and maintain homeostasis. Every person has an endocannabinoid system that has the role of creating a state of homeostasis. This system produces cannabinoids that bond with cannabinoid receptors that are found in every major bodily system. This bonding process regulates the functionality of each system so that a person’s sense of wellbeing can increase.

The endocannabinoid system controls everything from mood to inflammation levels. When we have a hangover, many of our bodily systems are underperforming, which is why we experience such a broad range of symptoms.

Now, CBD is a cannabinoid that comes from the hemp plant. When a person consumes CBD, the body gives it to the endocannabinoid system so that it may do its job. It automatically sends the cannabinoids to the bodily systems that need it the most. This is why CBD might be able to help with a hangover.

Additionally, CBD may have powerful pain-relieving properties because of the abundance of anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds that naturally exist in the hemp plant.

How to Use CBD to Potentially Treat a Hangover

So, now that you know that CBD might help with a hangover, it’s time to find out how to utilize the cannabinoid for the best results.

Potency is Key

CBD comes in a wide range of potencies, and it’s important that you go with a very potent CBD concentration for the most profound relief. We recommend choosing a CBD product with a 1500mg concentration.

Dose Wisely

Make sure that you take at least the full recommended dose of CBD. Otherwise, you might not be giving your body enough cannabinoids to make a difference in the way that you feel.

Wait a While Before Taking More

We suggest waiting an hour or so before taking a second dose. That’s because CBD can take a little bit of time to work its way through the body.

Consider Vaping CBD for Potential Faster Relief

If you’re dealing with severe, debilitating symptoms, we suggest vaping CBD as this method of consumption can take effect within minutes.

Consider Consuming a CBD Edible for Potential Longer-Lasting Relief

If you’re not dealing with incredibly severe symptoms but want to make sure that your relief lasts all day, you might want to try consuming CBD in the form of an edible. This method can take over an hour to start working, but the effects can last for several hours, which means that one dose may be all that you need.

Hangovers Can Be Debilitating, and They’re Notoriously Difficult to Treat…

However, there are several reasons why you should consider taking CBD the next time you had a little too much fun the night before. It seems that this cannabinoid has serious potential when it comes to helping you manage those dreaded symptoms.

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