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How to Choose the Right One Hitter in 2024

Posted by David on

When it comes to smoking our favorite dry herb, we all have our preferences as far as what it is that we’re smoking out of. Some people love the massive clouds that come from smoking out of a bong, and some people love the ritual of grinding up those buds finely and rolling them into paper. Then, we’re seeing a growing number of individuals who are gravitating toward one hitters, and in response to that, the market of one-hitters is expanding and evolving like never before. So, with that being said, entering the new year we want to offer a guide to buying a one hitter in 2024.

What is a One Hitter?

First things first: what is a one hitter, anyway? The answer is simple – it’s a small piece that is meant to store just enough flower for you to get about 1-3 hits out of it, before you need to reload it again. They come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and styles, and they bring with them a number of unique advantages over other pieces, like:

Portability: First off, one hitters are extremely portable, which is a big part of their appeal. They can slip into any pocket, and they’re lightweight, so they’re just super convenient to travel around with during the day, as opposed to a larger pipe, or papers that you need to roll up while you’re out and about.

Low Maintenance: One hitters are very low maintenance compared to other pieces like spoon pipes, water pipes, bongs, etc. They are easier to clean because they have a single, straight airflow channel, and you can just run water through that channel to clean it effectively.

Quick and Easy: One hitters are also really quick and easy to use. Just place a little bit of flower into one end, light it, and inhale through the other end. There’s very little effort required to get a couple of nice, substantial hits.

Discreet: Another major advantage is that one hitters are discreet. They are small enough to be out of plain sight, and many of them are so small that no one will be able to tell what you’re actually smoking.

What to Look for in a One Hitter

Now, let’s present out guide to choosing the best one hitter for 2024. We’re going to go over all of the things to be paying attention to so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

#1: The Right Size and Shape

First off, one hitters are, as a rule, very small compared to other pieces. But, they still vary in size between different models. Some are the size and shape of a cigarette, and some are larger and have bulbous design elements that add to their aesthetic appeal, and enhance the size of the bowl component. Obviously, the larger the one hitter, the more flower you can load into it, and the more smoke you can get out of each puff. Given that, it's up to you to decide what it is that you prefer.

#2: An Appealing Design

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a one hitter that looks good in the aesthetic sense. Feel free to explore different options to find something that appeals to your visual sense, whether that be a gorgeous blown glass piece or something minimalistic and modern. Again, the world of one hitters has evolved a lot in recent years due to their increasing popularity, and companies are producing visually stunning pieces like never before.

#3: The Material You’re Looking for

The material you choose matters as well. Some people prefer borosilicate glass, which is gorgeous and does wonders for flavor, but can break if it’s not handled properly. Metal one hitters are extremely durable, but some people don’t like the effect that metal has on the taste of their buds. Then, there’s silicone, which is heat-resistant and unbreakable, but polarizing when it comes to its aesthetic appeal.

#4: The Specific Type of One Hitter

There are a few different kinds of one hitters that you can buy. Chillums are super popular right now, with a straight conical shape that can lend itself to big clouds of smoke. There are also one hitters that look identical to cigarettes, which are great for someone who’s trying to smoke as discreetly as possible. You can also find dugouts, which are small stash boxes that have a built-in, removable one hitter so that you can carry your goods with you in a uniquely organized way.

Need a New One Hitter for 2024? No Problem!

One hitters can really come in handy if you’re someone who likes to smoke throughout the day when you’re out of the house. They’re pocket-friendly, discreet, and low-maintenance, requiring minimal effort to get a perfectly satisfying smoke session out of them.

And, if you’re looking for a new one hitter to bring you into the new year, you’re in luck. At The Vape Mall, we offer a nice selection of one hitters that come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, with different materials and designs to choose from. Explore our collection of one hitters today, along with the other pieces that we carry, so you can start the new year off right.

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