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How Should Dry Herbs Smell When Using a Pipe?

Posted by David on

If you’re a dry herbal enthusiast, you’ve likely used a pipe at least once. While vaping devices become more and more advanced, many dry herb lovers still enjoy the simplicity and low-maintenance nature of traditional pipes, especially with so many reliable and aesthetically pleasing options on the market.

But, just because a dry herb pipe is user-friendly and low-maintenance doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely foolproof. From time to time, issues can occur that interfere with your ability to enjoy your herb. Also, the way in which your herb smells can tell you if there’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

What Dry Herb Should Smell Like When Using a Pipe

Dry herb should smell fresh, pungent and complex. That’s because herb itself has a complex aroma that’s known for being particularly strong. Each strain has its own unique aroma notes, so no two strains will ever smell identical to each other. However, generally, you should be getting notes of citrus, pine and herbs as you use your pipe.

What Dry Herb Shouldn’t Smell Like When Using a Pipe

Dry herb should never smell weak, stale or burnt. All of these things indicate that there’s something wrong with your pipe or the herb itself. A burnt smell tells you that you’ve burnt the herb, which means that it may be very harsh to inhale, and may lose some of its chemical stability. A stale smell usually indicates that the herb is past its prime, and may therefore not be as potent or capable of meeting your needs. And, weak-smelling herb can indicate that it’s either not very potent, that it’s low in quality or that for some reason, your pipe isn’t heating it enough.

What the Smell of Your Dry Herb May Be Telling You

These are the main signs that must be paid attention to.

Sign #1: Your Pipe Needs to Be Cleaned

If your herb smells burnt, this may mean that you need to clean out your pipe. A pipe should be cleaned regularly, with the average user benefiting from weekly cleaning sessions. Otherwise, debris can build up inside the pipe and burn as it’s repeatedly fired each time you use your pipe. Cleaning your pipe doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process. Each pipe has its own cleaning needs based on its design, but generally speaking, a good rinse throughout the entire device is adequate. If needed, you can use some sort of poking device to break up debris.

Sign #2: You Need to Change Your Dry Herb

If your herb is stale or weak in terms of its aroma, you may need to change out the herb. This could mean that the herb is old, and therefore won’t provide you with the experience that you’re after. Try a fresher batch, and if you get a fresher, fuller aroma, you’re good to go.

A Good Smell Equals a Better Dry Herb Smoking Pipe Experience

How your dry herb smells can tell you a lot about your current setup. Use this guide to know whether or not you need to make any adjustments.’

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