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How Much Wattage Can Your Wax/Oil Take?

Posted by David on

Have you recently gotten into vaping your hemp? It’s no wonder why this delivery method has gotten so popular. It allows for an incredibly fast onset time as well as a uniquely high potency due to the way in which hemp absorbs into the body when inhaled. The two most popular hemp-based vaping products are wax and oil, with wax being a highly concentrated product while oil is typically less potent, but just as enjoyable.

If you’re totally new to vaping CBD, you need to understand how to operate your vaping setup in a way that preserves the important chemical compounds that you’re trying to get out of the hemp plant. Easily, the most important thing to pay attention to is the wattage of your setup.

The General Rule of Thumb

Most people vape their CBD oil or wax using a cartridge and a CBD vape pen, which is a small, low-powered vaping device that’s designed just for hemp products. Those that offer variable wattage options seem to operate best at 5 watts, and no more than 7. Many users report that going above 7 watts burns the flavor while ruining the compounds. It’s always best for users to start with the lowest wattage option available, and work their way up gradually and carefully until they find their sweet spot. Never start at the highest setting and work your way down, as this will likely run your oil or wax.

Factors That Determine the Maximum Wattage for Wax and Oil

There are some factors that can alter what’s considered ideal for vaping wax and oil in terms of wattage.

#1: Your Personal Preferences

Vaping is a largely subjective endeavor, meaning that no two people have the same sweet spot. That’s why you should experiment with different wattage settings to determine which one best satisfies your needs. Again, to do this, you should start with the lowest option and increase it slowly and incrementally. Higher wattage levels allow you to take in more compounds per puff, so know that increasing the wattage level means increasing the potency of each hit.

#2: The Vaping Device

The vaping device you’re using also determines the maximum wattage appropriate for your wax and oil. Nowadays, there are devices on the market that are more complex and high-powered than standard vape pens. These ones can be used at higher wattage levels because they utilize mechanisms that prevent the wax or oil from burning at such a high output. But, what’s important is that you check through the user manual that comes with these devices, as they will likely give you an idea of what the maximum wattage level should be. Some devices, amazingly, can vaporize oil or wax perfectly at up to 30 watts.

#3: The Coil

The coil also makes a difference. There’s an important relationship between the wattage level and the coil’s resistance level. The lower the resistance level of the coil, the higher the wattage level can be without burning the wax or oil. But, bear in mind that if you’re using a pre-filled wax or oil cartridge, you cannot adjust the coil, and trying to can damage your vaping setup.

Just Be Careful Turning Up the Watts

The wattage at which your vaporizer is set can make or break your experience. Unfortunately, setting your wattage too high runs the risk of burning the compounds you’re trying to take into your body, rendering the oil or wax useless. Use this guide to know which wattage is ideal for your setup.

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