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How Long Should Your Glass Pipe Last For?

Posted by David on

Anyone who invests in a glass pipe, whether it be a small bowl or a large bong, hopes that it’s the last pipe they will ever need to buy. However, ask any serious enthusiast, and they might tell you that they have gone through at least a small number of pipes since they first began smoking. No matter how hard we try, a glass pipe can break or get lost, requiring a replacement as soon as possible so that we can continue smoking.

If you tend to get attached to your pipes, you probably do everything that you can to make sure that it lasts forever. But how long do glass pipes actually last? Let’s find out.

In Theory, a Glass Pipe Should Last Forever

Ideally, a glass pipe will actually last forever. We know that this is possible, because we have found glass pipes dating back several centuries that were used for smoking, which are still usable to this day. Pipes are made to handle daily smoking sessions, being made from a particularly resilient glass that can handle both the high heat of the smoke and daily handling. Although, that doesn’t mean your pipe will last you for a lifetime.

Here are the factors that have to do with how long your pipe will actually last.

Depends on How You Store It

A big factor that determines how long your pipe will last is how you store it. Of course, how you store your pipe has a lot to do with its size and shape. Some pipes can fit easily into a drawer, while others need to sit on a surface due to being too big. It’s very important that you store your pipe somewhere it won’t get knocked over, or constantly knock into other objects. While the glass used to make a pipe is particularly durable, accidents happen, and glass is glass, after all.

Depends on How Often You Use It

The more you use your pipe, the more likely it will not last you forever. This is just a fact that you cannot get around. Frequent handling increases the chances of dropping the pipe or knocking it over, which means that if you handle your pipe a couple of times a day, you’re more likely to have to replace it at some point due to clumsiness that happens to the best of us.

Depends on Where You Take It

The less your pipe has to travel, the better for its longevity. If you tend to bring your pipe with you in the car, you’re risking it getting knocked over during the journey. If you bring your pipe with you to your friends’ houses, then lots of things can happen, like a friend dropping it or using it improperly. Also, the more you take it out of the home, the more likely you are to simply lose it.

If you can store it in the same room in which you use it at home, then you’ll be less likely to run into issues.

Depends on the Quality of the Pipe

While glass pipes are made to be durable, some are higher in quality than others. If you go with the cheapest pipe that you can find, you may end up with one that simply is not as durable as the majority that are out there. This is why you should be selective when choosing a pipe, and make sure to feel the pipe in your hands before buying to make sure that it has the right heaviness level.

Note: If it’s too light, this could be because the glass is actually quite thin, and more prone to shattering.

Depends on How You are Using It

How you use your pipe does make a difference. If you’re not handling it properly, for instance, you are more likely to drop it. And, if that glass pipe is not being cleaned regularly, it could permanently take on a poor flavor that will make it not worth using.

Get the Most Out of Your Glass Pipes for Years to Come

Glass pipes are a great way to enjoy those dry herbs, but even the fanciest, most high-end pipe on the market may not last forever. By simply handling your pipe properly, avoiding travel if possible, and storing it safely, you’ll increase the chances of having a pipe that lasts for many years to come.

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