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How Important Should It Be to Choose a Vegan and Soy-Free CBD Tincture or Gummy Formula?

Posted by David on

Cannabidiol (CBD) is easier to find than ever before, with so many companies nowadays emerging with their unique takes on the extracts of the hemp plant. When it comes to selecting the best CBD product for our individual needs, there are an array of things that we need to consider such as that said product’s milligram strength, or the specific hemp compounds in the formula that exist alongside CBD.

There are, however, other things that you should be paying attention to that have nothing to do with the CBD itself. There are no real rules about what can and cannot be added to a hemp formula, so for better or worse, it is on the customer to carefully read through the ingredients to know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. Some companies, unfortunately, slip ingredients into their formulas that aren’t compatible with our diets or our lifestyles.

Why Does Reading the Label Matter?

All hemp-based products are required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to have a clear list of ingredients on their label, and you, the consumer or customer, should always read this list carefully. Even if the company isn’t putting anything harmful or questionable in their formulas, they may use ingredients that simply don’t agree with our needs, such as certain ingredients that we happen to be allergic to, or refrain from for ethical reasons.

In fact, a company that produces CBD products should always clearly list their ingredients on their website so that customers who cannot physically handle the products in-person know what it is that they are buying.


Not everyone is a vegan, of course, but veganism is a growing movement throughout the country, and that’s something that no one can deny. This means that a number of people may feel excluded from the CBD market if most products contain animal derivatives, which are far more prevalent than you may think.

For example, many CBD gummies contain gelatin, an animal derivative that gives gummy candies their distinctive texture and consistency. But, if every company uses gelatin in their gummies, this means that vegans will not be able to explore the effects of this unique type of product that’s extremely popular on today’s hemp market.

By making strictly vegan CBD products, a company can ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the various formulas. There is no excuse to make non-vegan CBD products these days, as there are plenty of plant-based alternatives to gelatin and other commonly used additives that do not harm animals during the process.


Did you know that more people are discovering that they have an allergy or an intolerance to soy? It’s abundant in many of the food products that we consume, and even topical products like skin lotions and hair conditioners. Soy intolerances can vary in severity, but a person who does have an intolerance to this common ingredient should not have to settle for it in any quantity.

Soy-free CBD products ensure that those who cannot handle soy in their bodies are not at risk of experiencing negative effects just because they want to maintain a hemp routine. You may be surprised by the many ways in which soy is snuck into formulas, primarily in the form of soybean oil which is generally used because of its low cost on the manufacturer’s part.

However, there are alternatives to soy products that can be used in tinctures, gummies, and other formulas, like coconut oil and its derivative, MCT oil, along with alternative plant oils used in topicals that can moisturize the skin without introducing a potential allergen at the same time.

The Vape Mall CBD Products: True Quality for All!

The Vape Mall carries only vegan and soy-free, formulas, meaning, everyone can enjoy the products available on our website while still getting the same properties of the hemp plant that they’re seeking out as they would with other products on the market. At the end of the day, we strive to carry clean formulas from the top brands in this industry that have an inclusive nature, as everyone deserves to experience the unique qualities of CBD.

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