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Get The Most Value Out of Your Vape At The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Cheap vapes

E-Cigarettes, also known as vapes have been around longer than you might have guessed. The first e-cigarette was patented in 1963, however recent technological advances have made it what it is today, cheaper to buy and easy to use. Using vapes quickly became popular after viral videos of people doing vape tricks caught the public’s attention. Thus starting the art of blowing vapor into designs with the cloud’s signature density was born. But beyond the cool effects, vapers enjoy every step of the process, from ordering cheap vape supplies, to making DIY e-juice - and even the clouds!

At, we boast competitively low prices for every type of vape you can imagine!  Cheap vapes make buying the accessories and batteries you need so much easier. Popular accessories range from: e-liquids, Batteries and Chargers, Tanks, Kits, MODS and RBA’s. At the Vape Mall we specialize in discount vape supplies, parts, and accessories! Never again wait around for slow delivery or have to search through store after store for your parts; it’s all at

Cheap Vape Liquid

This website's massive selection of e-liquids is impressive including popular fall candy flavors like ‘Candy Corn’, ‘Eggnog’, and the classic holiday winter favorite: ‘Candy Cane’. These cheap vape liquids ring up at only $2.49 for 5ml! It’s an exceptional deal in comparison to other e-liquid websites in which the cheapest juice is closer to $23! Get a more custom experience by choosing the Nicotine Strength in your e-liquid. We know from experience, it’s nice to have control over the amount of nicotine, especially if you are a beginner. If you’re really unsure, just ask one of our experts about what strength is best for you. Not sure where to start? Buyer favorites include: ‘Chocolates and Vanillas’, Banana Split, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Vanilla Custard. If you like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup™ then try starting with the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor! No matter your preference, we stock incredible array of vape flavors for such cheap prices! Whether you enjoy: Kaptain Krunch, French Coffee, Irish Rum, or Cotton Candy, the Vape Mall has you covered! For more experienced vapers who want to shake it up and try something new, hit up the Vape Mall for mind bending fan favorites such as: Snake Venom, Pegasus Blood, Beetlejuice, or Unicorn Vomit. Regardless of all the wacky and delightful cheap vape e-liquids offered, there's no denying it’s unbeatable prices!

DIY Vape Kit

Looking for a real steal? Head over to our DIY tab for all of your homemade vape needs. Our unique offerings include the option of making your own vape e-liquid flavor, on the cheap! So if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at making a vape concoction at a ridiculously affordable price, now is your chance! We have all of the ingredients you'll need to make your own perfect vape juice! Remember to grab: Nicotine Base (Flavorless), Flavor Drops, dropper bottles and whatever accessories you need to go along with your unique mixture. So, advanced vapers, what are you waiting for? Check them out today!

With tanks as cheap as $10.99 you can get customization all the way down to the look and feel of your vape. Grab a mini for the perfect hand held feel, or make your vaping friends jealous with a rainbow sub ohm tank! Never be without your vape again, grab a car charger or micro USB charger to keep your battery life going strong. Give a more advanced vaping technique a try by using a drip tip from our variety of colorful, acrylic, glass or stainless tips. It’s cheap overall to order your custom kit when you combine the parts from our online store!

The Vape Mall’s Commitment

Think our cheap vape prices are the only thing that sets us apart? We also offer $2.99 flat rate shipping over $65! Plus, we always have items on an ever further discount in our sales section. Get 5 star e-juice in more than a dozen flavor options for just $3.19! Comments like “delicious”, “fast service”, “friendly customer service” is what we promise and why our customers come back time and time again. Our house made blend e-liquid is made right here in the US with food grade ingredients. We keep costs down and quality up with hand made juices mixed with exact measurements.

New to the site or to vaping in general? Get 10% off just for signing up for our newsletter and special offer updates! Plus, if you have a question, you can chat with us any time or send us an email at, our friendly customer service team is made up of vapers who care about making you happy!

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