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Gateway Hemp CBD Juice Has Arrived at The Vape Mall!

Posted by David on

If you’ve been vaping CBD for a while, you may have learned the hard way that not all CBD e-liquids are created equally. If you want to have a positive CBD experience, it’s crucial that you go with only the best that the market has to offer. Here at The Vape Mall, we want to guarantee that our CBD-loving customers get only the best vaping goods that are out there, which is why we’re pleased to announce that we now offer CBD e-juices from Gateway Hemp.

Gateway Hemp CBD Juice

Gateway Hemp CBD Juice comes from Gateway Hemp, a CBD company that’s earned a stellar reputation for delivering products that are consistently high in quality, made with exceptional standards and carefully sourced ingredients. Gateway Hemp recognizes that those interested in starting a hemp routine desire and deserve only the cleanest formulas, purest hemp extracts and up-to-date manufacturing methods, and they’ve gone above and beyond to meet such demands.

High-Quality CBD Isolate

Gateway Hemp CBD Juice is made with CBD isolate, which is a type of hemp extract that contains only CBD, without any other compounds present that naturally occur in hemp. CBD isolate is THC-free by default, and it’s unique in that it provides the user with a high concentration of this extremely desirable cannabinoid. CBD isolate is also flavorless, odorless and colorless, unlike other types of hemp extract, which means that you won’t taste the plant flavor while you vape it. This CBD isolate has been extracted using the CO2 method, which results in a purer, more chemically stable and more bioavailable type of CBD.

Astonishingly Delicious Flavors

We know that customers expect tasty flavors to go with their daily dose of CBD, and Gateway Hemp has risen to the challenge with a series of intoxicating flavor options that will leave your palate feeling euphoric. You’ll find a huge selection that includes scrumptious desserts, natural tasting, refreshing fruits, sugary candies, chilly menthols and more. Few brands go to such great lengths to satisfy vapers’ palates.

Clean Formulas

When it comes to e-liquid, the cleaner and simpler the formula, the better. Gateway Hemp CBD Juice contains just four ingredients: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring and CBD isolate – that’s it. No unnecessary fillers, additives or dyes. This means that you can vape each and every way without worrying about what questionable chemicals you’re putting into your body.

Compatible with Your Vape Setup

Another thing that makes these e-liquids so great is that you don’t need to buy any special equipment for them. Gateway Hemp carefully formulated these vape juices so that they can be used with any standard vaping device. This means that you can simply pour a Gateway Hemp CBD Juice into your favorite vaping system and enjoy the same qualities that you’re used to, whether they be enormous clouds or that nice, powerful throat hit, all while getting in your daily dose of quality CBD.

Doubling as Tinctures

Did we mention that these formulas aren’t just for vaping? That’s right – they double as tinctures, making them extremely useful and versatile CBD goods.

Grab Some Today!

If you wanna vape some of the highest-quality, most flavorful CBD e-liquid on the market, check out Gateway Hemp CBD Juice. They have gone to enormous lengths to provide CBD enthusiasts with the hemp experience that they deserve, and we’re certain you’ll love the mouthwatering flavors that they have to offer.

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