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Everything You Want to Know About the GeekVape Z SE Sub Ohm Tank

Posted by David on

Hey vapers, are you searching for a vape thank that’s particularly suited its value in terms of both aesthetics and functionality? Well, look no further, because the GeekVape Z SE Sub Ohm Tank provides a balance of great look, ease of use, and excellent vaping performance. And today, we’re gonna cover everything you need to know about it.

GeekVape Z SE Sub Ohm Tank Basics

The GEEKVAPE Z Sub Ohm Tank, also known as the “Zeus Sub Ohm Tank”, is a well-regarded vaping device known for its robust design and performance features. For starters, it utilizes a leak-proof top-airflow system and employs a simple plug-pull method for coil installation, which makes it user-friendly. The removable 810 drip tip allows for some sensational hits. Also has child safety lock to solve users' concerns.

The tank has a standard e-liquid capacity of 5ml, but also offers a variant with a 3.5ml capacity using a replacement glass. It features a quick slide coil design allowing for easy and quick coil replacement. The innovative design combines direct top airflow and top-to-bottom airflow, which ensures massive flavor and vapor production while maintaining its leak-proof integrity. Additionally, the tank includes a convenient top fill system that minimizes spillage during refilling, enhancing the overall user experience.

Aesthetically, the GEEKVAPE Z Sub Ohm Tank is available in various colors including black, blue, gold, gunmetal, rainbow, red, and silver. This gives users the flexibility to choose a tank that matches their style. The main body of the tank is constructed from stainless steel – provides strength, corrosion resistance, and a sleek finish. The tank section is made from glass to allow you to see the e-liquid level. This glass is tempered or reinforced for better durability against drops and pressure.

Now, the GEEKVAPE Z Sub Ohm Tank is praised for its performance, particularly for its smooth and detailed flavor delivery, which competes well with other high-end vape tanks in the market. The tank is compatible with the Z Mesh Coil System that enhances flavor and vapor production. In fact, these mesh coils are known for their longevity, generally lasting around 12-14 days between changes. Geek Vape ZEUS MeshZ series coils have options including a 0.4ohm Mesh Z1 coil rated for 60W-70W and a 0.2ohm Mesh Z2 coil rated for 70W-80W.

Of course, silicone and rubber O-rings are quite important, as tese materials are used for sealing parts of the tank to prevent leaks and ensure a tight fit between the different components.

Pros & Cons


Leakproof Design: The tank features a top airflow system that minimizes leaking, enhancing the vaping experience without the mess.

Enhanced Coil Life: The Z coils included with this tank have been upgraded to last up to 50% longer than the original versions, making them more durable and cost-effective in the long run.

Ease of Use: With a childproof lock and a top-fill system, the tank is designed for easy and safe refilling. The plug-n-play coil system simplifies the process of changing coils, which is convenient especially for new users.

Flavor and Vapor Quality: The top-to-bottom airflow system not only prevents leaks but also maximizes flavor and vapor production, offering a high-quality vaping experience.

Build Quality: Constructed from durable materials, the tank is robust and designed to withstand regular use, providing a reliable performance over time.

Child Safety Lock: It includes a childproof lock to prevent unwanted access, making it safer around children.


Size and Capacity Limitations: In certain regions, due to regulations like the TPD, the tank capacity is reduced from 5.5ml to 2ml, which might require more frequent refills.

Potential Coil Issues: Some users have reported issues with changing out coils, such as the device not recognizing the new coil or experiencing performance drops after a coil change.

Limited Color Availability: While the tank comes in various colors, specific colors are often sold out due to high demand, limiting options for those looking to match their device.

Bottom Line: This is the Vape Tank to Have!

Overall, GeekVape’s Z SE Sub Ohm Tank is designed for those who appreciate a hassle-free setup without compromising on the quality of the vaping experience. Its easy coil replacement, efficient airflow design, and solid build make it a standout choice among sub-ohm tanks on the market. No wonder it’s aa solid choice for both new and experienced vapers alike.

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