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Does TFN E-Liquid Last Longer?

Posted by David on

Tobacco-free nicotine is yet another impressive advancement in the vaping industry that has got the whole scene buzzing. Short for “TFN”, it’s a synthetic alternative to tobacco-derived nicotine which allows vapers to experience their vaping hobby without taking in any derivative from the tobacco plant, which is arguably the ultimate goal among former smokers looking for a new way to experience the properties of this stimulating compound.

Because tobacco-free nicotine is so new, it’s natural that vapers have a lot of questions about it, as it’s slowly making its way into more e-liquids that’re on the market. And, one of those questions is, “how long does it last”?

Quick Refresher on Tobacco-Free Nicotine

Tobacco-free nicotine is synthetic nicotine, meaning that it is not derived from organic sources but produced in a laboratory with chemicals including sulfuric acid, ethanol and niacin. The nicotine compound produced in a lab setting behaves identically to tobacco-derived nicotine, offering the same exact experience as it mimics traditional nicotine exactly when inhaled into the lungs. Therefore, vapers will not notice a difference in the nicotine’s ability to satisfy their cravings.

TFN’s uncanny resemblance to tobacco-derived nicotine comes from scientists’ ability to craft a nicotine concentrate that has the exact same molecular structure of organic nicotine. An advantage is that it boasts 100% purity, while even the most carefully isolated and extracted tobacco-derived nicotine will never be completely pure. Only TFN can offer a complete lack of flavor or aroma, meaning that it can blend more easily with flavoring ingredients used in vape juices.

Can Tobacco-Free Nicotine be More Shelf-Stable?

Yes, there is good reason to believe that tobacco-free nicotine does, in fact, last longer. How? Because TFN is more chemically stable, since it’s lacking in impurities commonly found in traditional nicotine extracts. These impurities, even in trace amounts, can degrade gradually, and disrupt the stability of the nicotine compound. It allows for more rapid oxidization due to different molecules bonding to one another as the product sits on a shelf.

As a result, e-liquids made with TFN may last longer after they’ve been bottled, which can be good news for a vape enthusiast. But, remember that nicotine isn’t the only ingredient in an e-liquid that can naturally degrade over time. The flavoring ingredients in an e-juice also oxidize, and so how long your TFN vape juice will last in its bottle largely depends on the nature of the flavoring ingredients.

Can Tobacco-Free Nicotine Last Longer in Your Tank?

Answering this question is a bit trickier, mainly because it hasn’t yet been tested. In theory, e-liquids made with TFN may remain more stable in the tank. Because traditional nicotine may be less stable due to its impurities, the constant exposure to the heat from a coil could cause that tobacco to degrade at trace levels before you reach the bottom of the tank. But, TFN could, potentially, maintain its stability in spite of constant heat exposure.

As for burning through your e-liquid, the answer is less clear. TFN and traditional, organic nicotine are identical molecularly, so it’s unlikely that they will differ in terms of how they contribute to the evaporation of your e-liquid each time you fire a hit. Further, because there is no difference in how they affect you, it’s doubtful that you’ll go through one quicker than the other. Higher nicotine strengths can last longer in a tank because you don’t require as many hits of vapor to satisfy your cravings, thus allowing you to get more out of each milliliter of vape juice. But, TFN satisfies cravings just like tobacco-derived nicotine, and so you will probably find yourself vaping the exact same amount regardless of the source of the nicotine.

Still, there are other reasons to switch to tobacco-free nicotine:

  • 1.The purity factor makes a big difference, and also can give you an improved flavor as impurities commonly found in tobacco-derived nicotine can interfere with the flavor profile of your e-juice.
  • 2.TFN allows vapers to completely break free from the tobacco plant, so that their hobby is no longer associated with that from which cigarettes are derived.
  • 3.TFN may also be smoother on the inhale due to its unique cleanliness.

Final TFN E-Liquid Longer Lasting Thoughts

TFN is likely to be more stable than traditional nicotine, meaning it may last longer in terms of its shelf life. But, will you find yourself desiring fewer hits after switching to this synthetic alternative? That remains to be seen. What we can say is, there are various reasons for opting for tobacco-free nicotine that have nothing to do with the rate at which you vape it, making it an ingredient that’s certainly worth trying.

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