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Could Your Bottled CBD E-Liquid or Pre-Filled CBD Cart/Disposable Actually Expire?

Posted by David on

Vaping CBD is one of the most enjoyable ways to consume this compound because of its fast-acting nature and its ability to provide more pronounced effects. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the CBD vape industry is booming right now, with more and more companies creating hemp-infused e-liquids that are easily poured into portable, convenient and user-friendly vaporizers.

But what happens when CBD e-liquid goes bad? And, can it even go bad, technically? Today, we’re going to be talking about expired CBD e-liquid, what it means, whether or not it’s safe to vape, and how to know if it’s time to throw it out. After all, we know that CBD e-liquid can be a bit pricey, and we don’t want you throwing out hemp vape juice unnecessarily.

Does CBD Go Bad?

The most important question on everyone’s minds is, does CBD actually go bad? After all, it is an organic substance. However, because of the way in which cannabidiol is extracted from the plant material, it doesn’t go rotten or rancid like plant material itself. It takes a lot longer for CBD to “bad” in the traditional sense than you’d think. In other words, CBD vape juice that has surpassed its expiration date isn’t rotten, per se.

What Happens When a CBD E-Liquid Has Passed its Expiration Date?

When CBD e-liquid has gone past its expiration date, it’s likely going to be less potent, and less enjoyable to vape in that its flavor and aroma will be stale. You may find that he consistency of the vape juice is also different, and that the ingredients have begun to separate. What’s most important is that the longer CBD sits, the weaker its effects will be, so bear that in mind before vaping a CBD e-liquid that has expired.

Is It Dangerous?

It’s very unlikely that, vaping expired CBD vape juice will put you in danger. More likely, it will just be a disappointing experience due to the weakened potency. If CBD e-liquid is dangerous to vape, you’ll likely know right away by the aroma of the e-juice as soon as you open the bottle.

What Can Make a CBD Expire Prematurely?

There are factors that can make CBD vape juice expire before its expiration date has actually passed. Below are the most common factors.

Exposure to Light and Heat

Light and heat do not get along with the molecules in CBD e-liquid. These two factors are conducive to a process called oxidization, in which oxygen enters the formula and causes certain molecules to separate, evaporate or bond together. Basically, this is a fancy way of saying that light and heat change the actual chemical composition of the e-liquid. This can cause the flavor to change, the ingredients to separate or the hemp to become weaker, or all of the above.

Improper Storage

Obviously, if you don’t store your bottles of e-liquid properly, they won’t last as long as they should. In other words, if you’re not closing those caps tightly enough, or leaving them in open containers, they’re going to expire sooner than you’d like.

Certain Ingredients

Some ingredients in CBD vape juice, other than the hemp extract itself, can cause an e-liquid to expire sooner than the CBD. For instance, certain flavoring extracts may have shorter lifespans.

Being Shaken Too Much

Shaking a CBD vape juice too frequently also speeds up the oxidization process by allowing oxygen to develop around each molecule.


Introducing bacteria into your CBD vape juice can cause it to go bad in a way that’s potentially dangerous. For instance, putting your mouth around the opening of the bottle can cause harmful bacteria to mix in with the e-liquid.

How Can I Tell if My CBD E-Liquid is No Longer Fresh?

Basically, CBD e-liquid should last about two years. But, once those two years have passed, you can use your own judgment to decide whether or not you can still vape it.


First, do the easiest thing, which is smelling the e-liquid. Does it smell like it did when you bought it? Does it smell stale or off-putting?


When you vape the CBD e-liquid, does the taste seem fresh to you? Or, does it seem unpleasant or strange?


Does the e-liquid inside of the bottle look normal? As CBD vape juice expires, it can become darker in color, thicker in consistency and separated in terms of its ingredients.


Lastly, if you’re vaping an expired CBD e-liquid and feel that it doesn’t provide the potent effects that you are used to, it’s likely no longer worth it to vape.

How to Make a CBD E-Liquid Last Longer

Now, let’s talk about what you can do to make sure that your CBD vape juice lasts for as long as possible while continuing to give you the results that you want. Again, CBD vape juice can be expensive, so you definitely want to make it last.

First, always store you bottles in a cool, dark place like a shelf, closet or cabinet. Cool, dark environments help keep the molecules fresh and potent. Also, always make sure that you close your bottles tightly when you’re done with them. We recommend glass bottles as they are less likely to promote over-oxidization.

Next, only buy as much e-liquid at a time as you’ll realistically go through in a few months. Buying a ton of CBD e-liquid at once means that you’ll likely not finish all of it before the expiration date.

Finally, make sure that you purchase high-quality CBD vape juice as e-liquids made with cheaper ingredients may not last as long.

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