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Could CBD Help Ease the Pain After Getting a Tattoo?

Posted by David on

If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, you know that the pain during the actual tattooing process is only the beginning. For the days following, there’s a certain level of pain that’s to be expected. But, just because it’s standard for that area to hurt while it’s healing doesn’t make it any easier to tolerate.

Why Do People Experience Pain After Getting a Tattoo?

Have you ever wondered why the skin experiences such pain after it’s been tattooed? Well, it makes sense when you consider what occurs during the tattooing process. The use of needles on the skin causes injury, and when a part of the body is injured, it becomes inflamed due to the body’s natural inflammatory response. The body doesn’t know the difference between an injury caused by a tattoo and an injury caused by, say, a bee sting. It just knows that it needs to send cytokines to the area immediately to ensure that the skin heals as quickly as possible.

Inflammation will cause the affected area to become swollen, red and tender to the touch. Further, the act of tattooing can irritate the skin due to the abrasion. This can cause the skin to be extremely sensitive on the surface, which is why the area can become flaky and red.

It usually takes 3 to 7 days for a tattoo to heal and for the pain to become manageable. If it takes any longer than that, you should consider seeing a doctor to ensure that the skin is not infected.

Would CBD Help Ease the Pain from that Fresh Ink?

So, can CBD actually help with tattoo pain? Well, to know the answer to that, we have to turn to studies on CBD and pain. We know that CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which means that it can simultaneously reduce inflammation while also numbing pain receptors in the brain. We also know that there are cannabinoid receptors in the skin which utilize cannabinoids like CBD to regulate processes like inflammation, irritation, and general pain tolerance.

Besides that, we know that a lot of people use CBD for pain each day, regardless of the cause of the pain or the severity. So, all that being said, it definitely can’t hurt to try CBD for yourself after getting a tattoo.

How Should a Person Use CBD to Potentially Minimize Tattoo-Related Pain?

First, we suggest that you use a topical. A topical CBD product is applied directly to the affected area, which allows the compounds in hemp to address that particular area specifically by delivering a concentrated dose to the skin rather than getting dispersed throughout the body. The type of formula, whether it be a cream, salve, balm, or something else doesn’t really matter, as long as it absorbs quickly into the skin and provides some moisture as well, which can help combat irritation.

It’s important that you go with a high-quality product made by a reputable company to ensure that you’re getting the best option on the market. Further, it’s wise to choose a milligram strength based on the severity of the pain that you’re feeling. A higher milligram strength is more potent and will therefore give your skin even more CBD per application.

Finally, we suggest using a CBD topical twice each day. Topicals work quickly and can provide effects for hours at a time.

Potentially Ease the Pain When You Get Your First or Next Tattoo

If you’re about to get a new tattoo, or you’re currently struggling with pain following getting some new ink, then you may want to consider giving CBD a try. As you can see, there’s reason to believe that hemp offers potential during the healing process. Use the guide above to start a hemp routine that is specifically catered toward those who wish to minimize pain following a tattoo.

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