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CBD Entering the World of Extreme Sports

Posted by David on

By nature, extreme sports require extreme amounts of stamina, physical strength motivation and, obviously, courage. “Extreme sports” refers to a category of athleticism that requires more speed and risk than the standard type of sport, with examples including mountain biking, skateboarding, rock climbing and boxing.

Due to the high-risk and often grueling nature of extreme sports, athletes who partake in them may need to go to extra lengths to keep their bodies in top shape, while having the right methods for recovering after exerting themselves. And, because extreme sports are more risky than other traditional sports, athletes are more prone to injuries which must be treated properly so that the body can fully heal.

That’s where CBD comes in. More extreme sports athletes are incorporating CBD into their daily regimens, and it’s easy to understand why when you take into account the unique way in which cannabinoids interact with the human body. CBD offers many potential properties that can be particularly useful to these types of athletes, and we’ll be looking more closely at them.

CBD for Extreme Sports

So, why CBD? Well, first we need to explain exactly what CBD is, and why it’s so unique. CBD is a cannabinoid, and its abbreviated name stands for cannabidiol. CBD is the dominant compound in the hemp plant, and being a cannabinoid, it binds with cannabinoid receptors that exist within the body. The job of these cannabinoid receptors is to regulate bodily process that we depend on each day, whether they be energy levels, mood, physical stamina or pain management.

Because of this natural process that CBD enables within the system, it makes sense that extreme sports enthusiasts would gravitate toward it.

What It Brings to Extreme Sports Athletes

Now, let’s look at the specific properties that may be uniquely appealing to these athletes.

CBD and Pain

Any athlete will tell you that the risk of dealing with pain on a regular basis is pretty high. But, when it comes to extreme sports, injuries tend to be more common, and chronic pain as well due to the extreme exertion required. However, there may be options for managing pain, and CBD has the potential to be one of them.

A number of studies have observed CBD’s effects on pain, which come from its combination of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and its regulatory nature that relates to pain receptors.

CBD for Head Injuries

All kinds of injuries are common in extreme sports, but easily one of the most concerning is a head injury. A head injury puts a person at high risk of some form of brain damage, and head injuries and concussions often go hand in hand. Research keeps demonstrating the potential that CBD has for helping a person who has experienced a head injury by minimizing neurological impact, thanks to its neuroprotective properties.

CBD and Recovery

Even if a person has not injured themselves, CBD may be quite useful as a part of their daily routine. That’s because any form of physical exertion can tear the muscles and fatigue the body, and so the body’s natural healing process must be supported so that one can fully recover and minimize the risk of injury. The way in which cannabidiol regulates bodily processes may serve as a natural support for the body’s innate recovery process that is essential following physical exertion.

CBD and Muscle Spasms

Overusing the muscles, as many extreme sports athletes tend to do, can result in muscle spasms that can be painful, and can certainly inhibit performance. CBD has been studied for its antispasmodic properties which may reduce the frequency and severity of muscle spasms.

CBD and Low Energy

It’s safe to say that extreme sports require a uniquely high level of physical energy and stamina, due to the high demands of these types of activities. So, if a person is struggling with fatigue, it may be extremely difficult to perform. New findings suggest that CBD may regulate the body’s natural energy cycle throughout the day to ward off fatigue.

CBD and Performance Anxiety

The high-pressure environment of extreme sports can most definitely lead to feelings of anxiety regarding performance. This can inhibit one’s ability to achieve their goals, as stress can interfere with energy, motivation, and concentration levels. But, as it turns out, CBD has been widely studied for its potential anxiolytic properties, which is why it’s so commonly used for stress relief. CBD may help calm the mind by regulating the neurotransmitters that determine our mood at any given time.

Using CBD if You’re an Extreme Sports Athlete

Now, let’s talk about the best methods for using CBD if you engage in extreme sports. First, it’s always important to have a conversation with your doctor, especially if you are on any medications. It’s equally important to go with a reputable company that makes high-quality CBD goods. We suggest taking CBD on a daily basis so that the body builds up a solid level of cannabinoids that can be fully utilized as needed.

The high demands of extreme sports put athletes at a variety of risks pertaining to their wellbeing. If you wish to engage in a natural regimen for full body support, you might want to try picking up some CBD and taking it daily. Considering its many widely studied properties, it might be incredibly useful in a multitude of ways.

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