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Cartridge Compatibility – Some Updated Info That All Vapers Should Know

Posted by David on

If you’ve recently bought a pod mod, you’re probably eager to start getting to vaping those salt-based nicotine vape juices. However, before you do that, know that when it comes to pod mods, it’s almost always the case that you must use the pod cartridge that was specially designed to go with the pod mod that you’re using. In other words, you can’t just attach any old pod mod to any pod cartridge. Now, while this may sound like a disadvantage, especially if you’re used to more advanced vaping systems, you’ll quickly learn that there’s no reason why this should limit your ability to achieve vaping satisfaction.

Can You Use Any Pod Cartridge with Any Pod Mod?

In short, no. Have you noticed that pod mods and pod cartridges are almost always sold together as complete systems? It’s this way for a reason. Now, maybe you’re used to more advanced setups where you can basically use any tank with any mod. That’s just not the case with pod systems, however.

For one thing, pod systems come in all different shapes and sizes, which means that the chance that your pod cartridge will happen to fit into any pod mod is unlikely. Pod cartridges are not all designed in a similar manner like other atomizers that are used with larger devices.

Additionally, standard tanks tend to rely on 510-threaded connections that make them easy to attach to basically any mod out there, excluding pod mods, of course. Pod cartridges, however, almost always snap into the pod mod. This means that they don’t rely on a universal connection, but rather the intricate designs of each component. Therefore, there’s a very small chance that a pod cartridge will even be able to attach itself to a pod mod made by another manufacturer.

Another reason why pod mods and pod cartridges are rarely interchangeable is because of the fact that they are almost always disposable. Once upon a time, vapers would purchase an atomizer and use it for years at a time, only replacing the coils every so often. However, pod cartridges tend to have coils built in, which is why they get thrown out and replaced with brand new cartridges.

Finally, speaking of coils, pod mods are less forgiving when it comes to experimenting with different resistance levels. This has to do with the fact that the wattage range of a pod mod is far smaller than other types of vaping devices. After all, pod mods are designed to be low-wattage systems, so you don’t really need to experiment with such a broad variety of output levels. Because pod mods have such small wattage ranges, the coils that are built into the cartridges must be compatible with this range of output levels. This is another reason why you can’t really experiment with using different cartridges with your pod mod. Every cartridge’s coil has its own resistance level, and you can’t just adjust the wattage of your pod mod to suit the resistance level of the coil.

Are There Exceptions?

Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t exceptions to the rule. Remember that pod mods are still pretty new, having only been around for a couple of years. Therefore, they’re evolving quickly in order to suit as wide a range of vapers’ needs as possible. This means that there are, in fact, pod mods that do allow you to experiment with different cartridges, although most often, the different cartridges that are compatible with the pod mod all come from the same manufacturer.

Then, there are flukes. Once in a while, you will find that a pod cartridge from one system happens to work with a pod mod from another system. This is rare, and you must be careful to make sure that the two pieces don’t only fit together, but that they are compatible in terms of wattage and resistance level.

Additionally, some manufacturers make copycat cartridges. For instance, there are companies that make pods that are specifically meant to be used with another brand’s pod mod. In this case, the cartridges are totally compatible with the pod mod by design.

Why Using One Pod System is Always the Best Move

The thing about pod systems is that you don’t really need to try out different cartridges. Pod systems are pretty simple in terms of technology compared to more advanced systems, and therefore, customizing isn’t really necessary. Pod systems are designed to provide you with a smooth and seamless experience that satisfies you immensely with salt-based nicotine. They’re cleverly designed by reputable companies to take care of all of your vaping needs. That being said, you can achieve vaping satisfaction without switching between different pod cartridges.

So, the next time you purchase a pod system, know that it was carefully created in order to satisfy every need that you have. This user-friendly technology doesn’t need to be tinkered with in order to give you that wonderful hit of salt-based nicotine and those smooth and tasty hits.

Overall, Cart Compatibility Means More Than You Think

As you can see, it’s almost always best to use the pod cartridge that was made to go with the pod mod that you have. There’s a reason why pod systems are usually sold as complete kits, after all. So, now that you know this, you can enjoy your pod setup without feeling the need to switch out different pod cartridges in order to customize your vaping experience.

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