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Can You Get Dry Hits from Herbal or Wax Oil Vaping?

Posted by David on

Anyone who vapes is familiar with the sensation that occurs during an accidental dry hit. A dry hit is essentially a hit that doesn’t have adequate moisture to it, and so it burns the throat rather than being a smooth stream of vapor. It also has a burnt taste to it, as well as a burnt smell. Needless to say, dry hits are anything but pleasant.

But, that’s not to say that they’re uncommon. Unfortunately, pretty much every vaper will experience a dry hit from time to time. This is the case whether a person is vaping a standard e-liquid or a wax or herbal oil in a vaporizer.

However, there are definite causes behind dry hits, and simple ways to prevent them from occurring.

What Causes Dry Hits?

Dry hits have many causes. Below are the most common culprits.

Not Enough Moisture

A dry hit can occur from a lack of moisture, as in, not enough oil to saturate the heating element of your device. If you’re not staying on top of your oil levels, you may not have enough in your cartridge or tank to actually produce a hit.

A Dead Coil

Many devices require that you change the coil, or heating element, regularly. That’s because many of them contain natural fiber wicks that eventually burn out after regular use. A dead coil or heating element can cause dry hits because it can no longer properly vaporize the oil.

Too High of an Output Setting

If your output level is set too high, it can burn the oil, which will result in a dry hit.

Poor Quality

If you’re using low-quality products, such as cheap oils or unreliable equipment, you may have more dry hits than usual.

How to Avoid Dry Hits When Vaping Oil

Now, let’s talk about the simple solutions to dry hits.

Always Stay on Top of Your Levels

Always make sure that you have enough oil in your tank or cartridge to fully saturate the heating element of your vaporizer. Never allow the oil to get below the half mark.

Make Sure Your Coil and Output Level are Compatible

Also, make sure that your output level is compatible with the heating element that you’re using. Using an incompatible output level and coil can cause your oil to burn rather than vaporize, which will result in a dry hit. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to setting up your vaporizer system.

Only Purchase High-Quality Goods

We never recommend buying cheap oils or hardware products that are low in quality in an effort to save money. This can give you constant dry hits due to the inability to vaporize the oil properly. It can also cause a host of other problems that can ruin your herbal experience.

Change Your Coils as Needed

Lastly, always stay on top of your coils, if you use a device that utilizes disposable coils. Once your oil no longer tastes fresh and fails to produce an adequate level of vapor, it’s time to change out that coil for a new one. Only use coils that are designed to be compatible with the vaping system that you’re using.

No More Herbal Vaping Dry Hits!

No one wants to experience a dry hit, as it can feel and taste highly unpleasant and essentially ruin one’s vaping experience. If you wish to avoid dry hits when enjoying your herbal or wax oil, use this guide. By making the necessary precautions and adjustments, you can radically reduce the chance of those dry hits occurring.

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