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Can You Flavor Blend Different Salt-Based Vape Juices

Posted by David on

Now that you’ve discovered the magical world of nic salts, you might be interested in taking your vaping game to the next level by exploring different flavors. One of the best ways to do this is by flavor blending. This process allows you to experiment with unique flavor combinations that are catered to your unique taste preferences.

A Quick Recap on Flavor Blending

Flavor blending is a very simple and straightforward process that involves blending two different e-liquid flavors together to get a new flavor profile. Basically, it allows you to act as the chef of your vaping experience without requiring that you create e-juices from scratch.

This process can be extremely rewarding as it allows you to express your culinary creativity while developing combinations of tastes that you never tried before. For instance, you just might discover that mixing popcorn with chocolate is the greatest thing that ever happened to your taste buds.

How Does Flavor Blending Affect Your Salt Nic Experience?

When it comes to flavor blending with salt nic e-liquids, you really can’t go wrong, except that you may end up with a flavor that doesn’t suit your palate. The actual process won’t interfere with the nicotine salts or your overall vaping experience.

Can I Blend a Salt Nic E-Liquid with a Freebased E-Liquid?

Before you get started, it’s important to note that you cannot mix a salt nic vape juice with a freebase nic vape juice. These two types of e-liquid are designed to be vaped at different wattage levels and require different coil resistance levels. You may very well end up with an e-liquid that tastes burnt as soon as you hit your mod, or one that delivers barely any vapor whatsoever.

Remember that freebase nicotine is more unstable than its nicotine salt counterpart. It does best at high wattages, while salt nic e-juice is best for low-wattage devices. When creating a salt nic flavor blend, only use it with your pod mod system that’s designed for this type of nicotine.

How Can I Blend Salt Nic E-Juice Flavors?

Now, if you’re ready to get into the world of flavor blending, all that you need is a few different salt-based e-liquids and a culinary imagination. Let’s get started.

Play it Safe at First

Before you start concocting outrageous flavor combinations, start with something simple that you know works. For example, you may want to try combining a tobacco flavor with a menthol flavor or a strawberry flavor with a custard flavor. Stick to tastes that are known to go well together. Once you get a bit more comfortable, you can start embracing your inner culinary genius by creating fabulous concoctions that have yet to hit the mainstream shelves.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Palate

Remember that too much flavor can be a bad thing. Our taste buds can get fatigued if they perceive too many flavor notes at once. Therefore, blend in moderation, sticking with only a few different flavors at a time.

Start with Small Batches

Don’t just start out by making a huge batch of a flavor blend. If you’re still a beginner and you aren’t thrilled with the flavor, you will have wasted a whole bunch of e-liquid. Make small batches in order to be safe. Once you’re satisfied with a recipe, you can make a larger batch.

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