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A Revisited Vaping Question: How Often Should You Wick a Pod Coil

Posted by David on

When it comes to how often you should wick your coil, there’s really no set rule, as is the case with most things vape-related. There are so many factors that determine whether or not it’s time to insert a new wick that it’s basically impossible to come up with a single answer that applies to all vapers.

This isn’t just the case with standard sub-ohm vape coils. That tiny coil in your pod cartridge also needs a healthy, young wick in order to give you the vaping experience that you want. So, how do you know when it’s time to wick your pod coil, and how do you even wick it in the first place?

How Often Should You Wick a Pod Coil?

You should wick your pod coil when it’s clear that the wick is no longer performing properly. It’s hard to come up with an exact frequency at which that wick should be replaced since every vaper has different vaping habits. For instance, if you only hit your pod mod a couple of times each day, your wick will last way longer than someone who engages in chain-vaping for hours on end on a daily basis.

Another thing that affects the longevity of your pod coil’s wick is the output level at which you’re vaping. It goes without saying that the higher the wattage, the more heat your wick will be exposed to, which means the sooner that it will die out.

In order to know if it’s time to change your pod coil’s wick, simply pay close attention to the performance of your general vaping setup. As you probably know, a healthy wick will produce a steady stream of vapor, a rich, full flavor and a smooth inhale.

A wick that’s on its way out will start to give you some problems. You might start getting some dry hits or gurgling noises. Your cartridge might even flood because the wick is no longer capable of absorbing e-liquid. And, you will likely notice a weak production of vapor.

How to Change Your Pod Coil’s Wick

Before changing your pod coil’s wick, figure out which material you’d like to use. Generally, pod coil wicks are made from either silica or cotton, with most vapers arguing that silica is best for this style of vaping.

Because every pod cartridge is different, the exact method of wicking your coil is dependent on the design of the cartridge itself. However, it’s a very simple process regardless.

  • 1.Simply use some tweezers to carefully remove the old wick.
  • 2.Then, use your tweezers to insert the new wick in the old one’s place, using small scissors to trim away any excess material.
  • 3.Finally, prime your pod coil as you normally would, making sure that you give the wick at least five minutes to fully absorb the vape juice. This will keep your wick lasting longer in the long-run.
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