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A Quick Guide to Using the KANGER EVOD PRO V2 STARTER KIT

Posted by David on

The world of mods s is constantly evolving to satisfy vapers’ needs in truly innovative ways, and the KANGER EVOD PRO V2 STARTER KIT is the current leader of the pack. This forward-thinking piece of vaping technology has a lot to offer, including a gorgeous visual design, a beautiful light display, a powerful integrated battery and the convenience of being able to utilize different coil configurations. And, it’s pocket-friendly, meaning that you’ll have no trouble at all carrying it around throughout the day while you savor your precious nicotine salts.

If you’re new to this unique vaping system, allow us to help. We’ve made a quick and easy guide to using the KANGER EVOD PRO V2 STARTER KIT, from the moment that you take it out of the box to that first luscious, satisfying hit and awesome cloud production.

Step #1: Remove the mod from the box, along with the tank and charging cable. You can leave the user manual, user packet, and adapters in the box for the time-being. But, keep them somewhere safe as you’ll likely need them at a later time.

Step #2: Now, you can charge the device using the charging cable. When the mod has reached a full charge, the LED light indicator on the mod’s chassis will turn green. This tells you that you can begin using the mod.

Step #3: While the mod is charging, prepare your tank. Next, fill it with the e-liquid of your choice, making sure that you fill to the proper capacity level. Then, wait for about five minutes so that the e-liquid can absorb into the wick of the ceramic coil.

Final Step: Now, select your settings using the buttons on the device. Once your settings have been selected, you can take a hit by pulling on the mouthpiece, as this kit is draw-activated.

The KANGER EVOD PRO V2 STARTER KIT is a remarkable example of vaping technology at its highest level, boasting a wide array of advanced and brilliantly innovative features. Now that you’ve gotten your hands on this coveted mod setup, it’s time to follow this guide to get the most pleasure out of your vaping experience. Enjoy!

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