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A Quick Guide to Using the Innokin Gala Pod System

Posted by David on

If you follow vaping hardware, you know that Innokin has been killing it lately. Their latest and greatest starter kit to hit the market is the Gala Pod System and it delivers. This all-in-one vaping system has a portable, sleek design, a large juice capacity and a cool LED light display to add an interactive visual element to your vaping experience. Plus, most importantly, it’s reliable, durable and powerful.

If you’re ready to switch to the Gala, we’ve got a guide for you. We’re going to walk you through the steps of setting it up in order to ensure maximum satisfaction when you’re ready to take that first, magnificent hit.

Step #1: Remove the Innokin Gala pod mod and ceramic pod cartridge from the packaging, as well as the charging cable. You can also remove the lanyard if you plan on wearing your Gala around your neck. You can leave the user manual, extra cartridge and adapters for a later time, so make sure that you keep the box and its remaining components in an accessible place.

Step #2: Now, it’s time to charge the Gala pod mod. Use the charging cable to fully charge the mod. When the mod has reached a full charge, the LED light indicator will turn green, meaning that it’s ready for use.

Step #3: While the device is charging, you can prep the pod cartridge. Fill it with salt nic e-liquid by accessing the fill port. Then, allow the pod cartridge to sit for about five minutes before using it. This will ensure that the wick of the coil is fully saturated with e-liquid, which helps prevent dry hits and premature coil burnout.

Step #4: Now, attach your cartridge to your unit. The LED light display can be adjusted using a shaking motion, so if you wish, you can use this feature to change the display of your device.

Final Step: Take your first hit by pulling on the mouthpiece. Enjoy!

The Innokin Gala Pod System is a one-of-a-kind setup for vapers who wanna enjoy their salt-based nicotine in a truly exceptional way. This remarkable device is quickly becoming a top seller thanks to its stellar features. And, using this guide will ensure that you enjoy the very best vaping experience possible.

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