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A Basic Guide to Battery Capability for Sub-Ohm Vape Preferences

Posted by David on

Did you know that one of the most common mistakes that vapers make when switching to a sub-ohm setup is selecting the wrong batteries? In fact, this mistake can sometimes be quite costly.

When using low-resistance sub-ohm coils, the vape battery must do a lot of work to compensate. The wrong type of battery can find this pressure too demanding, resulting in disaster. At the very least the wrong battery can break your mod. Even worse, the battery can combust. So, we're going to help you understand how your vape batteries interact with a sub-ohm setup so that you can purchase the right ones for the job.

Everything That You Need to Know About Sub-Ohm Vape Batteries

Before we dive into it, keep in mind that there are a few primary types of sub-ohm vape devices – cylindrical, AIO, and box mods. There are benefits to both but usually one or the other works best for a vaper’s personal preferences. Regardless, of the device you select, these three things make a difference.

#1: Discharge Rate

The lower the resistance level of your coil, the higher the discharge rate of your battery must be. If you're going to be using a sub-ohm setup, opt for a discharge rate that's designed for sub-ohm coils.

#2: Battery Size

Every standard box mod designed for sub-ohm vaping is compatible with 18650 batteries. This number refers to the size of the battery. Many of today's sub-ohm mods are also compatible with 20650 and 22500 batteries.

Note: Sometimes, external battery cells will leave your unit being a bit bigger or bulkier. Why? This is so it can support proper batter size. On the flip side, a majority of external battery cells have extended battery life than the internal cells do. This is especially true, when considering those that take multiple battery cells.

#3: Capacity Level

The capacity of a battery refers to the amount of charge that can be stored in it at any given time. Basically, the higher the capacity of your battery, the longer the amount of time will be before it needs to be recharged. Because sub-ohm vaping requires high wattage levels, you're going to need high-capacity batteries. Otherwise, that high output will cause your batteries to lose their charge very quickly. Imagine having to charge your vape batteries every other hour. That doesn't sound very fun, does it?

Typically, the right batteries for a sub-ohm vaping setup each have a capacity of at least 2,500mAh. Still, don't be surprised to find batteries that are above 5,000mAh used in sub-ohm vaping devices.

How to Vape Safely with Sub-Ohm Batteries

No matter if it’s for cloud chasing and flavor chasing purposes, or if the device has some enhanced features and functionalities, here are two important tips to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Choose from Trusted Brands

There are many reputable battery companies out there that are known for their reliable, durable products. Never purchase a vape battery from a questionable brand simply because it's “cheap”. When it comes to buying batteries, you want to spend a little more to invest in a good, safe product.

Tip #2: Keep Your Batteries Protected

Always store batteries that you're not currently using in a safe place. Never just throw your batteries into a pocket or purse. Also, never let your batteries touch metal objects.

Check your battery connections regularly. Often, small amounts of e-liquid leak from the tank and seep into the battery compartment. Eventually, the battery connections can get coated in a layer of hardened e-liquid gunk. Fortunately, a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab will keep the connections clean.

#3: Still Have a Multimeter as Your Main Tool for Battery Testing

When you’re unsure of your battery power, check the battery with your multimeter. Do this often, until you feel comfortable. After that, do it periodically to make sure you are getting the right settings. For example, say you take a reading one-day and it is 0.5 and then the next day it has jumped to 2.0 or higher, you know you have a problem. Having a few batteries on hand is always a smart move.

Sub-Ohm Vapers: Your Battery Means More Than You Think!

If you're a sub-ohm enthusiast, choosing the right batteries for your setup should be your top priority. We do understand, too, that some people are hesitant at first, since they identify craving more power but can be intimidated by the vast number of options and information in this industry. So, if you're in that position, go for something that has an extensive range of atomizer options and perhaps even variable voltage. Just in case the power that the mod gives off is more than you can grasp initially. From there, you can then turn it down and turn it up when set.

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