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A 2023 Guide to THC-P

Posted by David on

THC-P is one of the newest cannabinoids on our radar. Although it’s a natural part of the hemp plant, it wasn’t discovered until very recently. And, even though it’s practically brand new to our awareness, it’s already become one of the top-selling hemp derivatives on the market, and for good reason. Its blissful effects are incredibly potent, making it an extremely valuable cannabinoid that doesn’t just deliver a fun high, but proves to be a really valuable addition to a daily lifestyle routine.

What is THC-P?

THC-P, or tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is a minor cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. It was only discovered 2 years ago, when a group of researchers applied new analysis methods to a sample of raw plant material. It was then that they found a cannabinoid never before seen, which showed itself to offer a lot of valuable effects after more careful observation.

What we do know is that THC-P acts on CB1 receptors in the nervous system at 31x the rate of delta 9 THC. Basically, what this means is that many of its most valuable effects seem to be phenomenally potent compared to what we’ve seen with other cannabinoids.

What’s the High of THC-P Like?

THC-P is the most psychoactive cannabinoid in the hemp plant – at least that we know of so far. Let’s compare it to THC-O, for example. THC-O is very powerfully intoxicating, because it’s 3x more psychoactive than delta 9 THC. Now take THC-P, which is about 10x more psychoactive than delta 9 THC. Basically, if you’re looking for a very strong high, you’ve found it with THC-P.

Overall, people describe the high of THC-P as highly euphoric. It doesn’t seem to be either sedating nor energizing, since it is known to create a sense of overall balance, ease and intense bliss.

What Other Effects Can THC-P Offer?

THC-P is a lot more than just a psychoactive cannabinoid to use when you feel like getting high. Remember that this cannabinoid was only discovered recently, which means there’s still a lot to learn about it. But already, we have some decent research to base our understanding on, when it comes to the other effects that it can offer.

The general consensus among researchers is that THC-P offers properties similar to delta 9 THC, only far more potent. Studies have shown that THC-P can play a role in balancing mood, appetite, nausea and physical discomfort. More studies will be done in the future to give us an even better understanding of its many uses.

Tips for Making THC-P a Part of Your Lifestyle

Now, it’s become clear that THC-P is actually an extremely valuable part of the hemp plant that can do wonders in our daily lives. So, how can we make the most of it as part of a lifestyle routine?

Tip #1: Grab Some THC-P When You Could Use a Serious Boost in Your Mood

We all have bad days, when everything seems to be going wrong and our mind just isn’t in the best place. This is where THC-P can really come in handy. Its powerful uplifting properties could really help set the emergency brakes on those overwhelming negative thoughts that are getting in the way of making the most out of each day.

Tip #2: Try THC-P Before Bed

If you’re looking for a holistic solution to your bedtime woes, THC-P may be a good option. Its powerful ‘high’ can really give you the desired effect by offering haziness to counteract those racing thoughts, while its heavy body high can feel downright luxurious as you are ready to put your body to rest. A lot of people enjoy THC-P late at night exactly for this reason, and thus, find that it’s incredibly helpful in this regard.

Tip #3: Use THC-P for Help with Appetite

If you’ve been struggling with appetite lately, THC-P could be a great choice of a cannabinoid. We already talked about how it seems to offer more potent versions of delta 9’s best-loved properties, including those that relate to appetite. So, it’s no wonder why so many people find that their love of food increases after taking some tetrahydrocannabiphorol.

Tip #4: Get More Done Around the House with THC-P

A more uplifting THC-P product could give you a mental and physical boost, which can come in handy during the daytime. Granted, you’ll be very high, so we only recommend using the cannabinoid this way if you’re someone with a good tolerance to hemp’s psychoactive effects.

Give THC-P a Try to Take Your Lifestyle Routine to the Next Level

If you’re ready to take on a more potent cannabinoid than what you’re used to, THC-P is a no-brainer. Not only is its ‘high’ extremely euphoric, but it can add all kinds of wonderful properties to your daily lifestyle routine. The Vape Mall, we have your THC-P needs covered, so that you can begin an effective THC-P regimen on your terms, to work toward your lifestyle goals and enjoy a soothing, blissful hemp experience.

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