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8 Reasons to Only Purchase USA-Made CBD Products in 2024

Posted by David on

As the CBD industry continues to grow throughout the country, customers at large are becoming increasingly conscious of individual factors that impact the quality of the CBD formulas that they choose to buy. In fact, there’s more emphasis than ever before on extraction methods, organic status, lab-testing and more. However, one factor that continues to be overlooked is the origin of the product – that is to say, whether or not the CBD product was made in the United States. Well, luckily for you, we got some awesome reasons why you should only purchase USA-made CBD products.

Reason #1: The Hemp is Grown Using Domestic Standards

The industrial hemp plant has been cultivated successfully in our country for centuries, and even George Washington supported the hemp industry during his time, encouraging farmers to grow as much hemp as possible. But, our country is not the only one that can grow hemp, and some hemp on the market comes from outside the U.S., with European hemp being among the most popular when it comes to nondomestic sources.

So, why is American-grown hemp ideal? Well, mainly it’s because it’s grown using domestic standards. Domestic farming standards may be higher than those around the country, in terms of the quality of seeds used, the practices that are employed and even how the plant material has been handled once picked for manufacturing. Farmers that grow hemp in the United States must adhere to specific federal standards that ensure safety and quality, and these standards are simply among the highest in the world. What this ultimately means is that American-grown hemp is more likely to give you the experience that you’re looking for when you take CBD.

Reason #2: The Ingredients are Developed Using Domestic Standards

American-made CBD products imply that not only was the hemp grown organically, but the other ingredients in the formula are sourced from domestic manufacturers. Like the plant itself, ingredients commonly found in cannabidiol products are subjected to different levels of standards based on the country in which they are produced. Our country’s manufacturing standards are, again, among the highest in the world, and that really matters a great deal if you care about the safety of a product as well as the purity.

For instance, most CBD tinctures are made with MCT oil as a carrier oil. MCT oil can be produced anywhere in the world, but not all countries require that MCT oil maintains a certain purity level to be legal on the market, or that it’s produced with certain facility cleanliness standards to avoid contamination. By buying American-made tinctures, you can count on the MCT oil being of an exceptional quality level overall.

Reason #3: They Have Been Tested by Registered Labs

Hemp extracts that are manufactured in the United States are tested by laboratories that are registered with the Department of Agriculture. This means that the testing facility has been found to adhere to federal testing standards that ensure that they have the expertise to identify impurities, harmful microbes and other indicators of poor quality. By buying American-made CBD, you can trust that the hemp compounds in the formula have been tested under the strictest standards by experts who have worked hard to get certified as hemp analysts. Not all countries may have the same strict requirements when it comes to lab-testing samples of hemp.

Reason #4: The Hemp is More Likely to Be Fresh

When you buy a product containing domestically grown industrial hemp, you can count on a fresh and therefore potent product. The farther hemp has to travel, the more chance there is for its compounds to lose their potency as they degrade. This is because the plant’s compounds break down over time and lose their effectiveness as a result. Further, if the hemp is exposed to unfavorable conditions during the transporting process, such as fluctuating temperatures, intense light exposure or high humidity, those compounds can destabilize rather quickly.

If the hemp was grown overseas, it risks losing some of its potency by the time it gets to your door. Complicating matters is the fact that hemp can get held up in customs for a while due to differing cannabis laws per country, and the fact that hemp and marijuana ultimately look and smell identical.

By buying domestic, you know that the hemp didn’t have to travel far, and wasn’t held up in customs for any period of time. As a result, the hemp is fresh, and more effective so that you can get as much out of it as possible.

Reason #5: The Hemp is More Likely to Be Organic

It’s become something of a standard in this country to grow hemp organically, due to growing pressure from customers as well as the USDA. We can’t say the same for other countries around the world, where domestic growing methods may continue to be preferable as they are ultimately more inexpensive. But, hemp should always be organic, because organic hemp is simply higher in quality. It retains its compounds more efficiently while not being exposed to potentially toxic materials like herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Reason #6: You Will Likely Have a Better Variety of Strains to Choose from

The hemp business in our country is booming like never before, and as a result, America has become the leading country in the development of new and exciting strains. This means that hemp grown in our country tends to come in a richer variety of strains than hemp that is grown elsewhere. More and more CBD users are becoming selective about the strains that they choose, as different ones can yield different desirable effects. If you care about the strain of hemp that you consume, then domestic hemp is ideal as you’ll have as wide of a selection as possible to choose from.

Reason #7: The CBD Adheres to Federal Standards

Not only is hemp grown according to specific federal standards, but CBD products themselves must meet specific criteria to be authorized for commercial use in our country. CBD products imported from other countries may not be subject to the same standards. For example, the FDA requires that companies producing cannabidiol formulas in America disclose the ingredients, serving size and instructions for use. This way, customers know exactly what they’re taking and how to take it properly.

Reason #8: It Supports Our Country’s Hemp Industry

By buying American, you’re supporting our country’s hemp industry as a whole, which is a crucial component of our national economy, especially as CBD becomes more and more popular throughout the world. Purchasing U.S.-made products puts money into the pockets of hardworking farmers, testing facilities, strain developers, formula developers and product manufacturers so that they can continue to provide you with some of the finest cannabidiol on the international market.

USA-Made CBD Products are the Way to Go!

As you can see, it’s actually quite important to consider where your cannabidiol was manufactured if you want to ensure that you end up with the best hemp product on the market. While countries all over the world are producing CBD these days, clearly, the products made in the United States offer superior quality levels while maintaining their freshness in a way that can give you the potency level that you’re looking for. Therefore, the next time you go shopping for hemp, make a point to find out its country of origin to ensure a blissful routine.

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