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5 Reasons to Choose RAW Classic Rolling Papers

Posted by David on

RAW Natural Rolling Papers have developed a cult-like following of sorts, as they’re a staple of just about every RYO enthusiast’s collection for a reason. You see, RAW was of the first rolling papers to hit the market while offering natural, unbleached paper, a beautiful burn rate and enough durability to handle a person’s daily rolling needs. Today, these rolling papers are available in many sizes and styles to suit the most discerning smoking connoisseur.

Why Go with Raw Natural Rolling Papers Anyways?

RAW are pure (organic), less processed rolling papers unlike anything that you have ever seen or smoked. Because they contain a hybrid blend of unbleached (not chlorine whitened) fibers, the paper is a translucent natural light brown color. RAW is so thin that you can see through it.

Each paper is watermarked with RAW's patented CrissCross watermark. This special watermark helps prevent runs and maintains the smooth even-burning characteristics that we are famous for.

So, what exactly makes these rolling papers such an exceptional choice compared to the competition?

Reason #1: They Really are “Raw”

The name “RAW” doesn’t come from anywhere – it’s because the papers are completely raw and untreated, so that you know that you’re inhaling nothing but natural ingredients. This is infinitely better for your respiratory system and your overall body, and also leads to a better-tasting smoke – after all, no one enjoys inhaling bleach. The brand has perfected their balance of natural fibers that offer everything you need to enjoy pure satisfaction, with the ideal level of flexibility and durability to make rolling a piece of cake. In fact, customers love the semi-translucent light brown color that comes from using only pure, clean ingredients.

Reason #2: Can Handle Tougher Rolls

RAW is known for making rolling papers that are extremely durable, and that goes a long way whether you’re a beginner or an expert roller. Many of us have been disappointed by brands that produce rolling papers that tear and rip while we’re trying to get a good roll going. This is both wasteful and aggravating since no one wants to have to repeat the process over and over again. With RAW Classics, you can count on phenomenal durability thanks to a clever crosshatch fiber design that stretches without breaking in the process.

Reason #3: Are an Ideal Size for Most RYO Enthusiasts

Each pack of Classic rolling papers contains 33 individual sheets, that are 1 ½ inches. This is what many will tell you is the ideal standard size, since it holds the perfect amount of product. You don’t want papers that are too big, or else you’ll never be able to finish them, and your precious herb will end up going to waste. Of course, you also don’t want papers that are too small, or else you’ll need to roll several of them just to get the experience that you’re looking for.

Reason #4: These Papers Burn at the Perfect Rate

Burn rate is critical when it comes to choosing the right papers. That’s because lower-quality papers are known to burn very fast, and this leads to a lot of wasted product since your herb can’t keep up with how fast the paper is disappearing before your very eyes. A slow, even burn rate is ideal, and that’s exactly what RAW has managed to pull off, with their trademark watermark design that actually has an affect on the burn rate of each paper sheet. This way, you can sit back and take your time with each smoking session to savor each and every puff.

Reason #5: Great Price Point

RAW is known for their affordability on top of their superior quality, which goes a long way. If you’re a daily smoker, then you don’t want to be breaking your budget just to enjoy such a relaxing hobby. You can stock up on papers while knowing that you’re getting one of the best deals around.

If You’re All About RYO, Then Enjoy Your Favorite Smoke in Its purest ‘RAW’ Form Today

RAW Classic Rolling Papers get the “classic” in their name from their ability to satisfy just about everyone who likes to roll their own, and wants papers tough enough to handle the job, while being clean and additive-free as much as possible. If you are looking for rolling papers that you can really count on, RAW is a clear winner.

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