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5 Reasons to Choose O.C.B. Premium 1 ¼” Rolling Papers

Posted by David on

OCB Rolling Papers have a long proud history. The original factory was created in 1822 near the river Odet in France. The second factory was created in 1893, the main function of this factory was to specialize in the manufacturing of smoking rolling papers. By 1918 the brand OCB (Odet Cascadet Bolloré) was truly created by René Bolloré. Then, by 1930, over 86 million packets of OCB were being sold with the USA being the major consumer. Since then, the brand has developed and introduced many new rolling papers.

Why Go with OCB Rolling Papers Anyways?

O.C.B. is one of the leading names on the rolling papers market, and it’s easy to see why. Their papers have stood the test of time and have proven to offer everything that a RYO enthusiast could ever dream of – durability, clean ingredients and the ideal burn rate for anyone who wants to be able to thoroughly enjoy each and every puff of their smoke.

Still, if you need more convincing, here are some awesome reasons why you should consider giving these rolling papers a try.

Reason #1: Free of Unnecessary Additives

When we smoke a pre-roll, rarely do we consider what’s actually in the paper, since we’re more focused, naturally, on what’s inside. But, you would be surprised to know that a lot of rolling papers out there are loaded with cheap, synthetic ingredients that really don’t belong in something that we’re ultimately inhaling into our lungs. That’s why it’s important to choose the cleanest, most additive-free rolling papers you can get your hands on. O.C.B. makes a point to keep their papers as natural as possible, avoiding any harsh ingredients that can lead to physical harm over a long period of time. The use of all-natural flax paper gives these papers the perfect flexibility, durability and absolute cleanliness, as they’re not treated with bleach or any other chemicals. Not only that, but the brand uses eco-friendly packaging, so that you can know that you’re doing your part to benefit the environment with each use.

Reason #2: Nice and Sturdy

No one wants to tear their paper in the middle of rolling, because having to start all over, especially when you’re ready for a nice, relaxing smoke, is nothing short of aggravating – not to mention wasteful. Like we said, O.C.B. makes a point to deliver on the sturdiness front, for maximum durability. These papers are very flexible, and yet they are thick enough to handle basic rolling sessions without ripping apart in the process, to make your life much, much easier. The flexibility means that you can quickly roll a small batch without having to be overly cautious due to questionable paper quality.

#3: Perfect Size for Most RYO Smoker’s Needs

Each pack contains 50 papers that are 1 ¼ inch to hold the ideal amount of product for a satisfying session. Papers that are too big mean that you’re stuck finishing more than you bargained for, and papers that are too small mean that you can only get just a few puffs out of them before you have to start all over and roll another one.

Reason #4: The Burn Rate is Ideal

With rolling papers, the burn rate is something that makes a huge difference, and even separates the disappointing smokes from the sublime. One of the things that makes O.C.B. stand out is that their papers have a reputation for burning nice and slow, which means that you can get the maximum amount of puffs out of each roll that you make. Too many papers burn quickly or unevenly, meaning that you end up missing out on a good amount of product since it can’t keep up with the burn rate of the paper.

Reason #5: Price is Too Good to Pass Up

Best of all, O.C.B.’s premium papers are affordable, so that you can stock up on them and go through as many as needed each day without feeling like you’re breaking the bank just to enjoy a daily hobby.

What are You Waiting For? Choose O.C.B. for the Best RYO Experience Today!

Basically, you simply can’t go wrong with O.C.B., and any RYO enthusiast will happily attest to that. These rolling papers are the ideal size for the majority of those who like to roll their own. Not to mention, have what it takes to work with your herb to give you nothing but smooth hits full of lusciously thick smoke.

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