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5 Neat Smoke Tricks You Can Do with a Glass or Silicone Pipe

Posted by David on

Smoke tricks are always a great way to impress people at a party, but the thing is that they take dedication, time and patience. This is especially the case when using a pipe made of either glass or silicone. These types of pipes usually have a removable glass bowl and powerhit (located on the left side of the bowl). Some even have a hidden honeypot under the bowl itself. Also, can include a metal poker hidden under the pipe's neck. These features can really make your smoke tricks even more impressive.

What Smoke Tricks Can You Pull Off Using a Glass or Silicone Pipe?

Now, you’re here because you wanna know some awesome smoke tricks using your glass or silicone pipe. Well, these smoke tricks are all easy for even a beginner, but only if you make an effort to practice each time you smoke until you nail each one. Because once you do, you can be the hit at any gathering.

Smoke Trick #1: The Dragon

The dragon happens to be one of the easiest smoke tricks to master as a beginner, and one that looks a lot harder than it is. To do this trick, you’ll want to take in a lot of smoke without drawing it into your lungs. Keep it in your throat and know that the first few times it might make you cough. Now, you’ll need to force the smoke out through the nose, while keeping your lips closed only in the center, with the sides of the mouth open. The result is that smoke will pour out of the nostrils and the corners of the mouth.

Smoke Trick #2: Liquid Mist

Another trick that’s easier to pull off than it looks is liquid mist, and for this one, you’ll need a glass of cold water that has a couple of inches of empty space at the top. Go ahead and inhale a nicely sized hit of smoke, with the glass of water right in front of you on a surface. Now, when you’re ready to exhale, place your lips against the rim of the glass like you were about to take a sip, but instead, slowly exhale the smoke into the glass. As long as the water is actually cold, the smoke will sit on top of the water for quite a while, swirling around.

Smoke Trick #3: The Ghost

The ghost is a great beginner trick that pretty much anyone can do with minimal effort. Take in a nice cloud of smoke, letting it linger in your mouth for a few seconds. Then, slowly open your mouth without actively exhaling, and this will allow a ball of smoke to form. Then, inhale it quickly back in to make it “disappear.”

Smoke Trick #4: Double O’s

Smoke rings are a staple of any vape trick, so to do double o’s, you’ll need to master single ones first. Take in a nice amount of smoke and hold it in your throat without inhaling, which may make you cough the first few times. Now, purse your lips into an “o” shape while pointing your tongue down toward the floor of your mouth. Make a silent “ooh” sound to force rings of smoke out of the mouth.

Once you’ve gotten that down, you can blow doubles. To do this, make sure that when you blow the first smoke ring, it’s small enough that there’s still more smoke left in your mouth. Now, you can immediately blow another ring to follow the first one.

Smoke Trick #5: The Jellyfish

The jellyfish is a bit harder to pull off, but as long as you’ve mastered smoke rings, you can get this one into rotation with some practice. First, blow a smoke ring, and when you are ready to exhale, you’ll push the ring out with your flat palm using a good amount of force. This will distort the shape of the smoke ring and make it look like a jellyfish floating across the air.

Show Off These Smoke Rings at Your Next Gathering When Using Either a Glass or Silicone Pipe!

Everyone loves smoke tricks, but few people have the dedication to master them themselves. Again, all of these neat tricks do require practice, but essentially, the effort is well worth it, since they’re incredibly fun to do, whether you’re doing them in front of a group of people or simply admiring them at home. And best of all, you can use them with your trusty glass or silicone pipe – no fancy equipment required.

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