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4Score 650mAh Dual Charge Battery Review

Posted by David on

Looking for the perfect 510 vape pen battery for your beloved cartridges? Look no further – the 4Score 650mAh Battery is here, with one of the most beautiful visual designs we’ve seen, and a completely reliable setup that ensures nothing but smooth sailing from beginning to end. Let’s examine this vape battery more closely to give you the full picture of what it has to offer, and why it’s been such a hit among serious vapers.

Some Background on the Brand

You won’t find a ton of information about the history of 4Score, but what we can say is that they’ve delivered a number of highly efficient vaping products, focusing exclusively on the market for 510 vape pen batteries – the kind that are used with 510-threaded vape cartridges containing cannabis (including hemp) vape oils.

The Visuals and Construction

Before we dive into the inner workings of this specific vape pen – the 650mAh Dual Charge Battery – let’s talk about the externals, so to speak. The brand does not disclose on their website the materials from which the device is constructed, but what we can see clearly is that the chassis is highly durable, and very likely to be impervious to the occasional drop or fall.

As for the aesthetics of the device, the brand really goes above and beyond. We love the selection of colors available, all of which feature a smooth metallic finish. The brand’s logo is found on the side of the chassis, and we love the subtle hints of ultra-modern and luxurious design.

The Output

The 650mAh Dual Charge Battery is a voltage-based device, using a single button to operate firing and adjustments of voltage presets. The device uses a 3-click adjustment system, as for every quick 3 clicks, you can adjust between 2.8v, 3.6v, and 4.0v, depending entirely on your vaping preferences – that is, how much fuel you want behind each draw of vapor.

A 2-click preheat function is a very nice touch, preheating the vape oil inside the cartridge so that it returns to a more liquid-like consistency. The reason why this comes in handy is that cannabinoid distillates can crystallize if they exist in high enough concentrations, and a preheat function can remedy that quickly so you get smooth, even pulls.

The “dual charge” aspect comes from how the device can be charged, as you can use either a type-C charger or an iPhone charger. The base of the device features two individual charging ports for the respective charger type above.

Ease of Use

The device is extremely simple to operate, as are most 510 vape pen batteries. Simply attach your cartridge to the 510-threaded connection at the top, make sure your device is fully charged, and adjust the voltage according to your preferences, before firing a hit with the same button. Maintenance requirements are low since there aren’t any attachments. Of course, the portability of the design also helps make it easier to use, as you can fit it in your pocket.

Overall Performance

The performance of the 650mAh Dual Charge Battery is reliable, and that’s not surprising. The device is pretty simple in its technology, which is a good thing in that there’s very little room for something to go wrong. Adjusting the voltage to suit your cartridge is key, as if you get a burnt taste, that’s rarely a sign of a problem with the device, but simply that your output level is too high.

4Score’s 650mAh Dual Charge Battery is a Winner!

It’s really hard to find a flaw with the 650mAh Dual Charge Battery, and we love the touch of dual compatibility with multiple chargers. It’s a straightforward vape pen battery that gets the job done wonderfully, while gaining some extra points for aesthetics as well as durability. Check it out today at The Vape Mall!

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