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4Score 350mAh Adjustable Day Pen w/ Charger Review

Posted by David on

Anyone who is a fan of cannabis (including hemp) vape cartridges knows that finding the right vape pen battery is half the battle of enjoying a satisfying vape routine. Well, 4Score has had some homeruns in that sense, offering up highly efficient and reliable 510 batteries that are ready to satisfy all of your vaping needs. We’re going to focus on one in particular: the 350mAh Adjustable Day Pen, which comes complete with a charger so that you have everything you need.

Some Background on the Brand

You won’t find a ton of information about the history of 4Score, but what we can say is that they’ve delivered a number of highly efficient vaping products, focusing exclusively on the market for 510 vape pen batteries – the kind that are used with 510-threaded vape cartridges containing cannabis (including hemp) vape oils.

The Visuals and Construction

Let’s first touch upon the “externals” of the device, before moving onto the inner workings. The visual design is pretty straightforward and standard. It’s a slim, elongated pen mod which is, conveniently, pocket-friendly, so that you can pack it up with you and take it everywhere you go. It comes in a broad selection of colors, including a holographic rainbow design that’s particularly popular.

A single button is found on the device, elevating its minimalistic, sleek style, and the brand’s logo is written along the side. As for construction, it’s perfectly durable, so that it can withstand the occasional drop or fall without sustaining any internal damage.

The Output

As the name implies, the 350mAh Adjustable Day Pen features a built-in 350mAh battery, which is not the most powerful in the world, nor does it have to be. This is enough to satisfy just about any daily vaper, as recharging sessions can be spaced out easily. In fact, the name of the device comes from the fact that a single charging session should last virtually any vaper all day long.

An adjustable dial at the bottom of the chassis allows the user to make adjustments to voltage, moving between 2.0v to 4.0v on demand, based on how strong you want each hit of vapor to be. The single button on the device both powers it on and off (through 5 quick clicks), and fires each draw. Pressing the button twice preheats the oil in the cartridge, which is great if you’re using a vape oil that’s extra thick, or prone to crystallization.

Ease of Use

This vape pen from 4Score is incredibly user-friendly. And, that’s pretty expected, as these are typically very simple devices. We’ve already covered the basic functions for operation, and in general, maintenance requirements are super low. You may need to clean the battery connection from time to time, but other than that, it’s just a matter of remembering to recharge the battery, with the included charger.

Overall Performance

As for performance, you won’t be disappointed. This is a very reliable vape pen battery that was built to last, and it’s fully capable of delivering satisfying puffs of vapor to the user. Keep in mind that should you experience a burnt taste, it’s not the fault of the battery, but that you have the voltage set too high for the cartridge you’re using.

What a lot of users have told us is that the battery stays healthy for a long time – many months into using the device. In other words, it doesn’t start losing its ability to hold a charge, as many others do, early on.

You Deserve a Reliable 510 Vape Pen Battery

Life’s just too short to be using an unreliable or flimsy vape pen battery for your favorite hemp cartridges. Instead of settling, go ahead and enjoy a highly effective, customizable device like this one from 4Score. If you’re looking for a new battery for your 510 cart collection, grab the 4Score 350mAh Adjustable Day Pen at The Vape Mall today.

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