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Going All In: Would Taking CBD Improve Your Texas Hold’em Skills?

Posted by David on

Let’s face it – not all of us are lucky enough to have been born with a poker face. And, if you’re someone who loves a good game of Texas Hold’em, then you know that it’s important to be able to maintain the right level of focus, concentration and performance to get ahead. Surprisingly, in that case, cannabidiol (CBD) might be your new best friend. Let’s see what this hemp derivative can do for your poker game.

CBD for Improved Focus

If you’re playing Texas Hold’em, then you know that it’s of utmost importance that your head is totally in the game at all times. Losing concentration, even for a minute, can mean the end of your chances of winning. But, if we’re being honest, often we fail to be as sharp as we want to be, because of a long day at work, stress at home or plain old fatigue.

Many people find that CBD gives them a boost in concentration, focus and memory, and that’s not surprising considering the cannabinoid’s impressive role in cognitive function, as CBD attaches to cannabinoid receptors in the brain that regulate the cognitive center that acts as our brain’s “powerhouse,” so to speak. Basically, a serving of CBD taken before the game can make you feel sharper, more alert and more locked into the game.

CBD for Lower Stress Levels

Sometimes, it’s our stress levels that sabotage our chances of winning. If we’re stressed, it can be hard to stay motivated, feel optimistic about our chances and maintain the poker face we need to do our best. If we appear stressed the entire time we play, our opponents may get the wrong idea. Not only that, but stress and anxiety interfere with our decision-making skills, which is why so many of us feel either more impulsive or more passive when stress has taken over.

CBD’s anxiolytic properties may be able to help in this regard. The cannabinoid has been found time and time again to make us feel more at ease so that we can maintain a calmer and more optimistic state of mind.

Using CBD for Your Next Texas Hold’em Game

If you want to use cannabidiol the next time you play a good game of poker, there are some things that can make a big difference.

  • 1.Of course, one is how much you take. Taking too much CBD, if you have a low tolerance, can make you feel drowsy, which obviously isn’t the effect that you’re going for. We recommend sticking to 15mg-30mg as many people find that to be the sweet spot.
  • 2.Timing is just as important, as you want the CBD to peak during the game. Depending on the delivery method, time your serving accordingly
  • If you’re vaping, have some CBD right before you begin.
  • If you’re taking a tincture, go for a dropper about 30 minutes prior.
  • If you’re taking an edible, consider 90 minutes ahead of time.

Don’t Always Fold with the Help of CBD

Overall, CBD could provide an impressive effect on your poker game thanks to the many ways in which it can improve your brain function, which needs to be as strong and efficient as possible in order to get through a game of Texas Hold’em. Between its abilities to boost focus and lower stress, it may take your poker abilities to new heights. And, of course, it can help you enjoy the game more by simply providing some nice mood-lifting effects. The key once again is taking CBD at the right time and knowing how much to take, to maximize all that this amazing cannabinoid has to offer.

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