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EGOII 2200mAh Ba​ttery

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EGOII 2200MAH battery

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when purchasing an EGo battery. Importantly, you must check for the battery compatibility. Also, you need to check the quality of the battery, that is, the battery power and for how long it can run without the need to rechargeable. Also, you need to check the mode of charging used for the specific batteries. If all these are factors on your checklist, the EGOII 2200MAH battery, from The Vape Mall is ideal.

For a price of $15.99 only, you get an EGO II 2200MAH battery from The Vape Mall. Considering the high performance of these batteries, $15.99 is very fair. THE EGO II 2200MAH batteries are highly durable, given their high-power output. These batteries from Green Sound can deliver up to 2200 MAh before they fail. Therefore, in comparison with other batteries that go for the same price, you do not have to charge EGO II 2200MAH batteries that often. Consequently, these batteries last longer; up to two days, depending on the number of times you vape.

Charging this battery is also easy. If you have a regular EGo charger, you are good to go. Also, the battery charges very fast, considering its MAh rating. For the battery to charge fully, it takes about 4 hours.

The EGO II 2200MAH batteries, from Green Sound, weigh only 60g. As such, they are easy to carry around, allowing you to vape at any time in any place.

The EGO II 2200MAH batteries have a diameter of 18.5mm and a length of 93.5mm. Thus, it is compatible with almost every tank available in the market. Such versatility makes it one of the best EGo batteries available in the market.

If you have been disappointed by batteries that fail every time you take a few puffs, then you need to try EGO II 2200MAH batteries. Upgrading to these batteries will not cost you much, just $15.99. You can get them at The Vape Mall in Black, Green, Purple, Pink and silver.

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