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Just Try to “TOP” This Kit: KANGER TOP EVOD KIT 650MAH

Posted by David on

Kanger Top EVOD Kit

When it comes to the zenith of getting the most value from a vape starter kit, the Kanger TOP EVOD Starter Kit from Kangertech is where it’s at. Combining the TOPTANK EVOD alongside a 650mAh EVOD Battery make this kit even more special for vapers to use. Featuring a 14mm diameter, 1.7mL juice reservoir, and the ability to take this kit with you when you’re on the go, are all extra bonuses.

The EVOD Battery is exceedingly efficient, delivering 4.2V DC power with its capable 650mAh internal battery. The TOPTANK EVOD implements an awesome companion tank, customized for the TOP EVOD starter kit for optimal easy-to-use capability. It features a conveniently threaded top-fill method for the 1.7mL tank, and VOCC Coil System with the included 1.5ohm VOCC-T coil head to team up with the entire structure.

As you can see, this beautifully constructed and affordable Kanger TOP EVOD Starter Kit offers top value for a modern system in the vaping industry.

Kangertech TOP EVOD Kit - 650mAh comes with:

  • 1.7ml TOP filling TOPTANK EVOD
  • 650mAh EVOD battery.

EVOD Battery

  • Capacity: 650mAh
  • Output Voltage: 3.7V


  • Capacity: 1.7ml
  • Diameter: 14mm

Features and Attributes:

  • Elegant Device
  • Creates Huge Vapor
  • Compact Size
  • Easy to Use

Kanger TOP EVOD comes with

  • 1 x EVOD Battery -650mAh
  • 1 x New Atomizer VOCC-T 1.5ohm
  • 1 x 510 USB Charger
  • 1 x Authenticity Code Using Guide with Manual

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