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ELEAF IJUST S TANK – Durable, Stylish, and Amazing

Posted by David on

eLeaf Ijust S If you are looking for a durable yet stylish Sub-Ohm tank, you need to get the Eleaf IJust S Tank from the Vape Mall. At such an awesome price, you get an elegant tank to take you up the vaping ladder. The Eleaf IJust S Tanks beats most tanks in the following:


The Eleaf IJust S Tank is one of the simplest superior designs in the market. The tank has all the benefits of a dream sub-ohm tank, but it’s more portable. It feels just like the regular e-cig and is pretty easy to carry around. Another thing on its simplicity is the settings. This isn’t your regular TC control tanks nor does it have variable wattages. The Eleaf IJust S Tank is simple with a voltage output that correlates to the battery status. This helps to keep your vape streamlined- supplying just enough power to get the right flavor intensity and vapor output. Additionally, with this tank, you don't have to worry about removing the tank in order to refill. It comes with a top-fill design to make refilling easier.


The Eleaf Ijust S Tank comes equipped with a 3000-mAh battery. Now, this is the battery strength you need to vape on the go. The battery is rechargeable and can be charged at a rate of 1Ampere- meaning that charging is pretty fast and simple.


The Eleaf IJust S Tank's compatibility is one thing that you will truly enjoy with this tank. This Sub-Ohm tank can be used with most coils- From our favorite cCell coil heads to the likes of Triton and Atlantis.

If you’re tired of the complex MOD designs in the market, the IJust S Tank is the way to break that monotony. It has everything you need for a superior vape- from sufficient air holes to enhance a smooth draw to a 24.5mm diameter to enable easy coil building.

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